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Some of the shopping links on Military Disney Tips “referral links” that track the source of the purchase back to Military Disney Tips through an “affiliate program.” When you click on one of those links and buy something, Disney Food Blog gets a small commission (usually a few cents) from the linked site for referring you.

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Promotional Items

As a general rule, the Military Disney Tips Staff pay for every trip we take to a Disney-area property — flights, hotel, food, tickets. It’s important to us to do this so that we can further ensure our readers that our reviews are um-biased.

If any portion of our travel, hotel, tickets, or food is ever complimentary or offset, it will be noted in the resulting blog posts.


I do have direct relationships with several companies such as Ears of Experience and Simple Stroller Rental, if you use them through a link from this site, I get a little compensation back from them. 

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