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Blockout Dates For Disney's Armed Forces Salute:

No Blockout Dates Remain for 2017

What Are Blockout Dates?

What if you still want to visit Disney on these Blockout Dates?

Magic Kingdom Flag Retreat

When you visit Walt Disney World you have to make time to check out the Magic Kingdom Flag Retreat every day at 5PM

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I can honestly say that learning about Military Disney Tips is the only reason I am so prepared for my family’s upcoming, once in a lifetime trip. If it wasn’t for all the wonderful advise I would not have been prepared for the 2017 Salute to the Military release nor would we have received a pretty awesome 30% discount off our room. I have so many notes and tips stored away to make our trip magical so thank you, thank you, thank you. - Lisa L.

I just discovered Military Disney Tips recently and I’m so glad I did. I had no idea how wonderful Shades of Green seems to be. I’m so exciting about our first visit. I didn’t know all the wonderful tips for Military families. I have referred to this website many times during the planning of our upcoming trip in March. Thank you for all you do. It’s truely great!! - Michelle S.

I came upon this page during our initial stages of planning our February 2017 Disney World trip and it has been so extremely helpful not only in its content, but when I have a question, I know I can count on Steve to get the answer and get it quickly. It has been my go-to website and I would not be so prepared and informed without it. This website is a staple for this vacation and for our future trips (hopefully!!!) to Disney. - Amy M.

I’ve been to WDW many, many times, but I always learn something new from different websites. This website is especially helpful, since it caters to military personnel. Since the military population is such a small part of normal website’s readership, nobody else puts much effort into military-specific information. MilitaryDisneyTips does that for us. I used to have to dig through a few different websites to finally find the information that I needed, but it’s here, front and center for us. - Jeremy Z.

Just taking a minute for a HUGE thank you for all you do. Your invaluable info gave my family (7 of us including the grandkids) the BEST 2 week Disney World vacation last Oct. - Krissy P.

Military Disney Tips is my go to site for current and correct information for the military community. As soon as Disney made their announcement for the Armed Forces Salute continuing Through 2017 it was on MDT. No speculation, just the actual facts that will help us make important decisions for our vacation budget. - SherryAnne S.


Disney Parks’ Call Center - Should you trust them about Military Discounts?

I’ve had writing this post in the back of my mind for a long time and the frustration behind it has been building for over 4 years. I’ve put off writing it because of how much I care for Disney Cast Members, some of the most dedicated and skilled workers on the planet.

But I can’t take it anymore!

The Disney Call Center constantly gives military families incorrect information regarding their company’s military discounts!

When working on the title for this post I came up with some other versions, here they are:

When I say the call center I mean the Disney Call Center for room reservations and information, the Disney World and Disneyland dot com internet help chat, and both parks’ Guest Relations phone and email support.

One of the most time consuming things we do here at Military Disney Tips is answer questions. We get questions daily in our email box, on facebook in our wall and in private messages, and in comments on our blog posts.

The most frustrating questions that we receive are those from individuals who have been given information by the Disney Call Center which is incorrect and contradicts the correct information here on Military Disney Tips.

Some have called Disney to verify what they’ve read here (I don't know why, the info here is better than Disney's), others come here because they’ve called Disney multiple times and received multiple answers to the same question.

Military Disney Tips is the only resource available where military families can find out ALL of the Actual rules on Disney’s military discounts. All of our information has been gathered from sources within the Disney Company (both official and unofficial) and reflects how Disney’s programs actually work.

Disney only publishes online the most basic info. I’ve asked them to correct this for years, out of frustration I even wrote it all out for them one time and asked them to just publish it to fix their sites but they didn’t.

Note: In my Walt Disney World Guidebook for military families there are 2 full pages of rules, practices, and exceptions for the Disney Armed Forces Salute in it. But Disney only publishes about 8 bullet points on their web sites which ony covers the very basics.

As I mentioned we’ve been dealing with this misinformation from the Call Center for years, but it seems to be even worse lately.



Here are some examples of things the Disney Call Center has recently told MDT readers:

“You must buy all of the Disney Armed Forces Salute theme park ticket that you’d like to use at one time in a single purchase, even if you don’t want to use some of them for many months.”

This is incorrect, you may make multiple purchases, up to the offer ticket limit, during the Salute offer period. (This Single Purchase rule was true for the first month of the 2012-2013 Salute. I got them to drop it as it prevented repeat visits. When I pointed out they wee turning customers away they dropped it like a hot Mr. Potato Head)

“The Disney Dining Plan cannot be combined with a Disney Armed Forces Salute room only reservation, because a package with tickets is required.”

This is incorrect, any paid Disney Dining Plan may be added onto the Disney Armed Forces Salute room only reservation.

“There is no such thing as the Large Family Exception to the Disney Armed Forces Salute ticket limit.”

This is incorrect, the ticketing departments at both WDW and DL will make this exception for immediate families of more than 6 people. They have since 2009. Large Family Exception Info

"Walt Disney World does not offer military discounts on Walt DIsney World's Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party."

They actually do, and have for many years. MNSSHP and MVMCP Info.

“Military families may not buy tickets in person for nights on which Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties are sold out.”

Military families may indeed purchase tickets for sold out MNSSHP and MVMCP nights. This is a special deal for our community That I worked out with WDW in 2012 and has been valid every year since then.

“You may not add the Water Park Option onto an already purchased Disney Armed Forces Salute Hopper ticket.”

Wrong, you can add the Water Park Fun and More option onto a Hopper, or the Hopper option to a Water Park Fun and More ticket at any point until all days and or visits are used up on the ticket for the price difference.

“You have to activate your Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets in person at the Disney Parks before you can make FastPass Plus Reservations.” and “You can’t link Exchange Certificates to your My Disney Experience Account, you need the real tickets you’ll get after activation.”

Wrong and wrong! You can link Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets or Exchange Certificates to your My Disney Experience Account and make your FP+ reservations prior to activating/exchanging them in person at the park!

"Reserve members need to be on orders or present active duty orders to use the Disney Armed Forces Salute."

This is totally wrong!!! First of all current members of the military, whether active, guard, or reserve are eligible just by being a member. Second, a Reserve or Guard CAC is identical to those issued to active members, how would they even know you were reserve?

This old "rule" is actually from the 2002 Salute offer!

I was a Reservist the majority of my career and use this discount year in-year out and only once was I activated...

When a MDT reader called Disney to ask about the MemoryMaker Military discount Disney said they had never heard of it.

I told the reader if they called back to direct the Disney Call Center to check out the Disney World Web Page which has the offer on it.

Why Can't They Get It Right?

I don’t know why this is, it really shouldn’t be, but I speculate that:

For the full, correct answers to these and many other questions, please just stay on this site!

Here are links to all of our info:

Full Disney Armed Forces Salute Info

See our Disney Armed Forces Salute FAQ and FAQ Friday Blog Posts

Hotels & ResortsOverview Page

Theme Park Tickets Overview Page

Disney World & Disneyland Technology

Disney World, Disneyland and Shades of Green Transportation

Disney Dining Overview

You can leave Comments and Questions about this page on the General Comment Page.
Also see what others have asked. (please be specific as this comment page serves many topics)

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Planning a Disney Trip? Want to get the best military discounts that are available? Feeling a little confused? Learn about the Disney Armed Forces Salute the best military discount that there is for Disney. For where to stay see our Resorts/Hotel Overview Page. Disney doesn’t discount dining for the military, but there are a few places on property that do, see the Dining Overview Page to learn where plus more dining info. You can also learn about Transportation Options. Be sure to check out our Technology Overview to learn about Magic Bands and My Disney Experience to see how they work with military tickets. Walt Disney World visitors might be interested in staying at Shades of Green, WDW’s Military Only Resort.

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