10 Best Things About Shades of Green

Shades of Green, Walt Disney World’s military only resort offers so many great benefits that it is hard to keep this list to just 10!

The biggest which is a given and often goes unsaid is that Shades of Green is located right in the middle of the Magic, an Armed Forces Recreation Center right on Disney property!

This fact is so basic that it didn’t get put on the list, but let’s jump right in and see the Top 10.


1. Constant dependable price

The best thing about Shades of Green is its constant dependable price structure. Shades has just 3 rate categories, which are based upon pay grade. The more junior members (E1 to E-6) pay significantly less per night (right around $110 based on room type), while more senior members pay somewhat more (around $140).

Shade’s rates are constant year-round and have risen very little through the years. In comparison, Disney World has numerous price seasons throughout the year with prices for each individual room varying up to 2 times the cheapest rate during the more expensive times of the year.

Shades of Green’s Regular Rates

2. Discounts

On top of their great rates, Shades offers some very good discounts and packages during the slower times of the year.

These discounts are from 20 to 35 percent off the regular rates and sometimes include free breakfast for 2 and very occasionally dinner as well.

Taking advantage of these discounts can save a significant amount of cash during your WDW vacation.

Shades of Green’s Discounts and Packages

 3. Biggest rooms

Shades of Green has the largest standard guest rooms on Walt Disney World property.

At 480 Square feet Shades of Green’s rooms are among the roomiest to be found on the entire Walt Disney World Resort. Guest amenities in Shades of Green’s oversized, standard guest rooms include two queen size beds and a single sleeper sofa. Each standard guest room features either a private balcony or patio, with two chairs and a table.


Shades of Green Guest Rooms are comparable to the Disney Deluxe Resorts such as the Polynesian. The views from most every room are spectacular. Views throughout the resort are unique and interesting. The lush tropical landscaping provides an incredible backdrop.

Shades of Green’s Rooms

4. Great Atmosphere

Shades of Green is a very tranquil resort, during the day the pools and grounds are used lightly. With 586 rooms it is a comparatively small resort, Disney’s Value and Moderate Resorts have up to over 2000 rooms and can be very hectic all day!

On average I’ve found over the years that Shades of Green’s guests are much more friendly to, and considerate of each other. After all, we are all part of the same big family!

Guests more often than not, greet each other in passing, ask how you’re doing, or strike up conversations. While at the Disney resort guests will just pass each other by without even looking at each other, much less saying “Hi.”


5. Ticket Sales Office

Shades of Green has a Military Ticket Office, just like the one at your local base.

At the Ticket Sales Office you may purchase Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets as well as all other varieties of Disney World tickets, plus tickets for other local attractions like: Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and many other Orlando area attractions.


Prices at the Shades of Green Ticket Sales Office are comparable to those that you’d find at your local Base MWR Ticket Office.

Shades of Green’s Ticket Office

The Shades of Green Ticket Office now ships

6. Two Great Pools

There are two very beautiful outdoor pools at Shades of Green.

Both pools are located in the original Magnolia Wing. Both pools are heated and handicap assessable, the Magnolia Pool features zero entry walk in and both pools have assistive lift devices.

The Mill Pond Pool which is formed in the shape of the Mickey Mouse head icon has a water slide and kids splash/play area. The Mill Pond is located at the rear of the Magnolia Wing. Evergreen’s is conveniently located next to the pool for snacks and drinks.

Mill Pond Pool and Slide

Mill Pond Pool and Slide


Mill Pond Splash Area

Mill Pond Splash Area

The Magnolia Pool is located on the side and near the front of the Magnolia Wing. The On the Greens Snack Bar is located nearby for snacks and drinks. The hot tub is also located here.

Shades of Green’s Pools

7. AAFES Store

You’ll find almost anything you need at great prices. From snacks and breakfast staples to all kinds of drinks, plus lots of DIsney souvenirs at awesome prices. The AAFES Store is worth a stop to stock up even if you are not staying at Shades!


The Shades of Green AAFES Store

8. Extra Magic Hour

Shades of Green’s guests are allowed to participate in Walt Disney World’s Extra Magic Hours.

Extra Magic Hours or EMH is a great benefit of staying “on Disney property.” EMH allows Disney guests to enter assigned theme parks on certain days of the week an hour earlier than day-guests and those staying off property.

This early start to your day gives you a big advantage, as you can get in quite a few attractions during that first hour when the specified park is relatively empty.

EMH also allows Disney guests to stay 2 hours later in a specified park after day-guests and those staying off property are required to leave.

Shades of Green Guest Disney Benefits

9. Package Delivery

Another little known benefit of staying at Shades of Green and the Disney Resorts is Package Delivery to your Resort.

Anything that you buy in the Disney theme parks or at Downtown Disney can be delivered to your resort by Disney. This keeps you from having to lug your purchases around all day.

When making a purchase, simply ask for package delivery. You’ll fill out some info and then be on your way. Your purchase will be bagged up and will arrive at your resort’s gift shop the after 1:00 PM following day.

This works great as long as you will still be staying at your resort the next day. But if you’ll be checking out the next day, you still have an option. You can have your theme park purchases delivered to the park’s entry gates the same day and pick them up on your way out.

Shades of Green Guest Disney Benefits

10. Java Café

The Java Café is the Hidden Gem at Shades of Green. This small counter service location at one side of the lobby is the perfect spot to grab your favorite Starbuck’s beverage and sweet breakfast treat on your way to the Disney World theme parks!


The Buffet breakfast at the Garden Gallery gets backed up in the morning with sometimes long lines of people waiting to be seated. Besides a big, heavy buffet breakfast will just slow your morning park touring down!

Shades of Green’s Restaurants

Whats your Favorite?

Share your favorite thing about Shades of Green in the comments below!

Information on Shades of Green the Military Hotel on Disney World property

See all the current Shades of Green Discounts and Packages

A Special Note on Shades of Green Discounts: Something to be aware of is that Shades constantly changes the dates and discounts offered of their specials and packages.

Shades of Green Links

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  1. While visiting DisneyWorld, I had a chance to go by and visit SofG. It looked very nice. I’m retired Army. How would I get from MCO to your place? Please list transportation options to and from the airport. Thank You.

  2. I love how the Shades of Green is so friendly. People talk and strike up a conversation with you. I really missed that when we stayed at a Disney resort.

    • Hi there CHris,

      I’m not sure if you mean does Shades of Green participate in using Magic Bands or can you buy Magic Bands at Shades.

      Unfortunately the answer to both is no.

  3. We stayed at SOG 2 years ago and will be returning soon. We enjoyed our time at SOG and are looking forward to another Disney vacation. Granddaughter plans to “buy ice cream every day at the Java Cafe.” Access to SOG is a great benefit resulting from husband’s military service. I encourage you to go and have fun!

  4. I love the size of the rooms at SOG and the Java cafe after a long day in the park is a great pit stop.

    I recently stayed at SOG in Oct 2015 and I brought along my magicband from my recent Xmas trip. I purchased the Armed Forces Salute ticket and they were able to link it to my band, which saved me from having to dig out my card every time I entered a park.

  5. I stayed at SOG last summer with my family and absolutely loved it. Everyone was friendly, it had a very laid-back, relaxed vibe…which was a big welcome from a hectic day at the parks. The shuttles actually ran better than Disney buses. The Italian restaurant there had amazing pizza which also made for an awesome late night dinner is needed. The rooms were really big and kept pretty well. I loved its location! Short quick walk to the Polynesian resort so you could ride the monorail if needed. (Sometimes, this was even faster than the buses! ). My ultimate favorite perk… the Shady Shuttle by the Bell desk. They’ll drive you on a golf cart-ish vehicle to the crosswalk which saves you the walking trip. Overall, we loved staying there.

  6. The transportation between parks was a lot quicker than other onsite hotels with multiple stops!