1. I am Disabled Vietnam Vet with 40 percent disability my daughter and grandson are going to Disney world in November and I would like to meet them are there any discounted tickets available that I would qualify for?

    • Hi Gary,

      Besides the offer mentioned in this post above, the last couple of years they have had other special tickets for all vets in November. You’ll have to watch for any announcement, here or on SeaWorld’s site.

  2. i am a active duty sailor and i have been trying every link i can to get one of the online passes to San Diego sea world for myself an my family. every time i click any link i receive a time out message. i want to go to the park tomorrow. can you guys fix the website in time?

    • Hi Michael,

      You are a little confused, this is an informational website run by a retired military member for military members to get info on these discounts.

      I’m not associated with any theme parks.

      As stated on the SeaWorld SanDiego webpage on the FAQ page: 7. What if I am having trouble validating my status with Troop ID? Please contact by phone at 1-866-775-4363 or by email at

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