Disney Military Ticket Physical Security

What if your Disney Tickets were stolen?

Are you prepared?

I ask because this recently happened to a MDT reader and their family. They’d arrived in Orlando for their long awaited vacation and stopped at a local grocery store for some supplies. While in the store, their vehicle was broken into and their luggage, with their WDW tickets inside was stolen.

What an awful situation!

They were a large multi-military member party using an assortment of military discounted ticket types purchased at different bases. Some tickets they were able to have replaced (because their ITT/ITR kept good records) and others could not be and they had to buy replacements.

Disney Military Ticket Front

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

If you are purchasing your Disney tickets (Disney World or Disneyland) from your local base prior to leaving on your trip you should follow these procedures in case your tickets are lost or stolen.

  • Save your receipt!
  • Take pictures of the back of each ticket
  • Print one set of photos
  • Keep another set on your camera/phone
  • Keep the tickets/prints/digital copies in different locations


Disney Military Ticket Back

If you purchase your tickets at an Orlando military reseller (Shades of Green or the Orlando ITT) get the pics on your phone and keep your receipt, separate from the tickets.

When leaving for vacation

Keep the tickets, prints, and digital copies separate. Bring your receipt too, stash it with your prints.

Then if your tickets are lost or stollen you can use the picture/prints and the receipt to get replacement ones from Disney at no cost.

Different Military Disney Tickets

There are two types of Military discounted tickets, the Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets and the Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way tickets.

Depending on which you have will require different procedures from this point.

The Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets must be activated prior to use. In doing so you are registering those tickets in your name. If they are lost or stolen after activation Disney can just pull you up in the computer and re-issue you your tickets. You can ditch the pictures and other proof at that time.

If you buy your Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets direct from Disney and activate them at the same time there is no need for these precautions as your name is associated with the tickets from the get go.

The Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way tickets are ready for use when you buy them and no interaction with Disney staff is required during their use. If they are lost or stollen at any time until they are used up you will need your assembled proof to get them re-issued so be sure to keep it separate from the tickets!

An Ounce Of Prevention

I know this might seem over the top. But it takes almost no time and could literally save your vacation.

By the way, during the re-issue process the old tickets are voided in the system and become of no use to the thief.

I was so sorry to hear the above story from someone in our community and I hope this info will help protect us all!

Cheers, Steve

p.s. we military love our acronyms so this has been your DISTICPYSSEC briefing for the year…


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  1. Hi,

    Recently I have misplaced my Disney Land Military Salute ticket that has already been activated. They took my photo and everything. I called to verify that I was in their system and the cast member I talked to said I had to provide the paper copy (the one issued to me by ITT I’m sure) in order to receive a new ticket. I emphasized that they took my picture, fingerprint, etc. Maybe I just talked to the one guy who didn’t want to help me, but seeing as though this was written in 2013 the statement that my name is associated with the ticket may not be accurate anymore. I just wanted to put this out there before (god forbid) someone went to the park thinking they could just get another one because they have activated their ticket and get turned away for not having their paper copy. I really hope I’m wrong and I just got a really lazy guy who didn’t feel like looking me up.


    • Hi Jeannelle,

      The people you talk to on the phone are call center workers, they aren’t anywhere near the parks and so know very little.

      Whether military or regular, Disney deals with lost tickets all the time. Since you’ve activated it and used it already, it is in the system and you should only have to show ID to prove who you are.

      The bit about having to show the paper voucher is silly, they took that from you when you activated the ticket and got the real one.

  2. What if you lost your ITT issued voucher (stapled with the receipt, of course!) BEFORE getting to the park?

  3. No, I didn’t get that piece of advice 🙁 ITT ticket office {left coast) did provide me with voucher number series for tickets. But wouldn’t reprint even though they could look up and see they were not redeemed yet. Anything I can do now that I have the voucher numbers when I get to Disney? Thank you!

    • Oh that’s good Dee,

      Having the voucher numbers is good. Disney should exchange tickets as long as you have those. Bring your original receipt too if you have it.

      • Thank you! I called Dland today. They instructed me to take the voucher numbers to the main ticket booths & they’d issue tickets for us. Such a sigh of relief! Will forevermore take your sage advice and immediately take pictures before we leave the base 🙂 I appreciate the moral support, have a great day!