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Dear fellow Disney travelers,

The mission of this website is to help you!

Do you have a question about Disney military discounts, planning a trip to Disney, or something you’ve read about here? 

Most of the questions that I receive can be answered by reading the posts on this site. If you are having trouble finding what you need use this search box.


Additional search boxes are located throughout Military Disney Tips at the top of the page or in the sidebar, depending if you are on the main site or blog.

Military Disney Tips is filled with information and there is a good chance what you are looking for has already been published! Some of the most helpful pages include the following…

Disney’s Armed Forces Salute

Disney’s Armed Forces Salute FAQ

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How to Activate Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets

Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets for Large Immediate Families

Regular Military Discounted Disney tickets

Disney Ticket Overview

Disney’s New Technology

Disney Vacation Room Overview

Disney Vacation Dining Overview

Disney and Shades of Green Transportation Overview

Military Disney Tips Military Discount Finder

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Non-Retired Military Disney Discounts “US Veterans”

Non-US Military Disney Discounts (Brazil, Canada, UK)

If you can’t find the information that answers your exact question, please read the comments by others on similar posts! If you still can’t find the information then leave a comment on the most relevant blog post.

I see all new comments, even on old blog posts. This is the easiest and most effective way of asking me a question. I have very limited time to respond to questions via email. You are much more likely to get a response to a comment on a post!

Please note that this site is maintained part-time by a very passionate Disney fan. I work on this site in my free time after my 9-5 job. Taking the time to individually answer these questions takes away from time that I would like to spend creating new content to share with you and time that I need to spend with my family.

Time spent focusing on one is time that I can’t focus on helping everyone.”

– Pat Flynn

So please take the time to find the answers to your questions via the site content, FAQs, site menus, or by using the search boxes and you just might discover a few extra tips along the way!

If you’d like all of this information for the military community on Disney military discounts and planning all in one spot, organized in a step by step logical order, please consider buying my books Walt Disney World for Military Families and Disneyland for Military Families, available in print, Kindle, and PDF formats.

If you need assistance planning your vacation please consider using my recommended Travel Agent, Ears of Experience. They are a Fee-Free, Disney Only, Military Family Owned and Operated Agency Who can make your Disney reservations at no extra charge or if you are not staying with Disney they can help plan your vacation for a small fee.

If you’d like to share some information you’ve discovered, trip reports, or other tips or issues you can always contact me at steve (at) militarydisneytips (dot) com

Thanks, Steve


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