Sea World Busch Gardens Military Salute 2013 – Orlando Military Discounts Series

Anheuser-Busch's Heres to the Heroes Military SaluteHere’s to the Heroes Extended throughout 2013.

New 50% off offer for Veterans, Retired Military and current military (if you need more than 4 tickets.

Welcome to this second installment of the Orlando Military Discounts Series, which will cover Anheuser-Busch’s Here’s to the Hero Salute for Sea World and Busch Gardens for 2013. The first installment covered Disney’s Armed Forces Salute and the next will cover the Military Discounts still available for Universal Orlando’s theme parks, and finally the post I’m going to call “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” will wrap it all up.

Many people have been searching the web for information on Sea World Military Discounts for 2013 and Busch Gardens Military Discounts for 2013. These theme parks and several others are owned by the Anheuser-Busch Company, a proud supporter of our US Military.

Anheuser-Busch has offered Free One-Day Sea World Military Tickets and Busch Gardens Military Tickets, as well as tickets for their other parks to the military since 2005. A tradition that they have continued every year since 2005.

This Fabulous Offer Has Been Extended For 2013 at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and other Busch Theme Parks

Note: In early 2013 the name of this program was changed to the Sea World Parks Waves of Honor. Thought the name changed there have beeen no changes to the details.

Here are the specifics on Anheuser-Busch’s 2013 Here’s to the Heroes Salute. This offer is free one-day admission to one of their theme parks: Sea World (Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio*), Busch Gardens (Tampa Bay, Williamsburg*), Sesame Place*, Adventure Island, or Water Country USA for themselves and up to three direct family members. Dependants may take advantage of the offer without the sponsor present.

* Sea World San Antonio, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Sesame Place are operated seasonally.

This offer runs on a calendar year basis and currently expires on 31 December 2013. It’s available to all five armed services, Active, Reserve, or National Guard. Members can print tickets ahead of time online or at the theme park ticket booths. Those 10 and over must present military or dependant IDs. There are no blockout dates with this offer. Parking is $15.

I want to compliment the Anheuser Busch Company on it’s great offer of a Military Salute year in-year out since 2005, as well as all the other things they do to support our troops!

Check Here for further info on the Here’s to the Heroes Salute and Sea World Orlando.

Next time look for the Military Discounts still available for Universal Orlando’s theme parks

If you missed the first installment of this series it’s located here:
1. Disney Military Discount 2011 – Orlando Military Discounts Series



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  1. Debbie says

    Dear Steve ,

    Did I read this correct , Military will get to go to Sea World Busch Gardens For Free ????

    This offer is free one-day admission to one of their theme parks.

    Long time since I wrote .

    Thank You ,


    • says


      Hi, so nice to hear from you again! Yep that’s right, one day free at any of the Anheuser-Busch parks.

      Thanks for checking in, Steve

      • Ashley says

        My husband is getting out in march we have our e tickets already printed. Will we still be able to use them during this summer or no?

        • Steve says

          Unfortunately not Ashley,

          Your husband will no longer be an active military member in the summer. This offer is only for active members, and ID is required for entrance.

          By e-ticket do you mean you registered on the waves of honor site? That is just a preregistration to speed up the process at the ticket window..

    • says

      No catch Bianca, I’ve used this offer three times since 2005! Totally free admission. They do request your address, but the only thing they’ve ever sent is a letter thanking me for my service.

  2. stephanie says

    Are you able to get into seaworld and bush gardens within a few days, or is it only one of the parks each year? THANKS!!

  3. Thomas says

    I need to clarify something. I have used this offer once before, but now that I’m retired from my 20 years of service, are my family and I still entitled to this offer.

  4. Krystal says

    I see the offer is for military member and up to 4 dependents. Does this need to be dependents under me/husband or can it be 3 additional family members?
    I see your reply to Stephanie includes “four people including the military member.”
    I’ve used this promotion in 2006, but we didn’t have children then and now we have sister/mom coming as well. I need to know if I need to get them the discounted tickets at SoG or can they be free as well.
    My trips not until May 2012. Also booked a Disney Cruise, I haven’t explored your website enough to see if you have any information on their cruises as well.
    Great site. I love it, I think I’m addicted. (I know I am). Thanks for what you do.

    • says


      Thanks so much for the kind words! Addicted, wow I love it… Glad you are enjoying the site.

      this is a quote from the A-B site: “As many as three direct dependents of military personnel also are entitled to free admission.” You could call Sea World to clarify 1-888-800-5447.

      We have yet to do a Disney Cruise and don’t have much info except some general mil discount info (such as timing, number of staterooms set aside) which i got from calling the cruise line. Bottom of this page .

      I’d love to hear how yours goes!


  5. Bradlie says

    Ok my dad is in the military but I have a military I.d card so can I get into busch gardens for free?? By myself??

    • Steve says


      I’ve reached out to Anheuser-Busch Corporate a couple of times over the past month and a half and received no news on a renewal. I just got off the phone with them again and they do not have an update yet.

      They said that A-B Marketing is currently working with the Theme Parks on this and they’ll update me.

      Each of the last couple years we haven’t heard about a renewal until the first week of the year. This year the info came out on 8 January.

      Keep tuned and I’ll post as soon as I hear something!

  6. marion says

    Can you get in anytime of the year? Or are there only ceatain days the military can go in the park! My daughter is 8, can she go in too? She doesn’t have an ID yet.

  7. Debi says

    What about retired military and their dependents? Do they get a military discount at Orlando’s theme parks?

  8. Debi says

    One problem – what if you don’t live near a base and you don’t really have the time to go to Shades of Green to pick up your tickets. There has to be an easier way. Also, how can you find out how much the tickets cost? The park websites don’t have ANYTHING telling you.

  9. Lia says

    I am on vaca from tn to see a few other mil wives from my previous duty station and my husband stayed home am i still elig for this?

    • Steve says

      Hey Lia,

      The Anheuser-Busch Here’s to the Heroes offer is just for the military member to take their family. So you as as spouse are not eligible by yourself.

      You can swing by Shades of Green or the Navy ticket office near Orlando International Airport to buy discounted tickets.

  10. Angel says

    I used this last year. My question is, is it a year after last use or does it begin clean slate with the new year? Thanks!

    • Steve says

      Hi Angel,

      You can use the Here’s to the Heroes program once per calendar year. So you are good to go!

  11. Shannon says

    Thank you for your prompt, and quick reply. Although your reply showed up in my inbox, for some reason, it did not show up on this website, which is fine, as I would prefer to converse via email rather than this. I just couldn’t figure out how to reply to your email, because when I clicked on “reply,” it kept saying, “oops, this page can not be found.” Darned computers! ;)~

    I’m still a little confused, so I will try to be as detailed as possible in my question :) You are correct in assuming that I was asking about the A-B offer for the free admission. I live in VA, where we do have a B-G (Busch Gardens), and we are planning a trip to FL soon, where we plan to visit S-W (Sea World) while we are there. I understand we are allowed 1 free day a year per person. I was asking are we only allowed 1 free day a year per person at only ONE park, or can we use the 1 free day a year at both parks? I plan on taking my kids to B-G next in a couple of weeks in Williamsburg, then I’m taking them to Sea World at the end of the month in August.
    Will I be able to get into B-G here in VA for free, then go to Sea World in FL in August and get in there for free as well? Also, in FL, are B-G and S-W together? I ask this because on my ticket list, one of the listings is to buy a ticket to Sea World FL & Busch Tampa together. So I was wondering if the 2 parks are joined together, and if I used my free pass, would I be able to access both parks there with my free pass?
    Thank you for your time! :)
    And when I get in for free, do I need to go to the MWR and get my free pass, do I get it online, or do I just go to the ticket booth at the park?

    • Steve says

      Hi again Shannon,

      Your original question was on a different page which is where I posted my reply.

      I’ll try to clear up your question for you. Anheuser-Busch will allow free entry tickets for the military member and up to 3 direct dependents. This means a maximum of 4 tickets per year. You’ll have to choose which park you’d like to use them at.

      You can just go to the park you decide on and get these at the ticket window or go to the link which is in the post above on this page.

      Hope this helps!

  12. says

    My 10 yr old daughter will be going to Sea World Orlando in July with her grandparents. Can she use her military id to get in free? The website says:
    “Dependents may take advantage of the offer without their service member, though an adult must accompany minor dependents, and dependent ages 10 and over must present valid dependent I.D.”

    • Steve says

      Hi Deann,

      Yes your daughter can get a free ticket for herself> she has a dependent ID right? I don’t know if she will be able to get her Grandparents in for free though, so they should be prepared to pay. A-B’s policy isn’t too specific regarding this situation, but does say that the offer is for the member and their direct dependents.

  13. trudy says

    We are military and are using our free salute to heros for busch gardens williamsburg. was wondering does this allow you to get into water country usa as well since they are connected

      • trudy says

        thank you so much for the information it really helped. Now what if I was to go to one on sat and the other on sun is that allowed?

  14. Aida says

    My husband is active military but not here and i have a military id so could i get me and my two daughters in free to busch gardens tampa fl????

    • Steve says

      Yes Aida, you sure can. Here is an excerpt from the Anheuser-Busch Here’s to the Heroes eligibility rules.

      “Dependents may take advantage of the offer without their service member, though an adult must accompany minor dependents, and dependent ages 10 and over must present valid dependent I.D.”

      Have fun with the kids!

  15. Regina Hayes says

    Hi Steve Iam divorced from my husband of 29 yrs.I have a military I.D will I be able to get free admission/ tickets for 3 other guest?

    • Steve says

      Hi Regina,

      Look at the quote just above that I left for Aida. That’s the A-B Policy. So with your dependent ID I think you should be able to. Just keep in mind this would keep your ex-husband from being able to use the offer because the benefit is against the member’s service.

  16. Regina Hayes says

    Hi Steve
    I forgot to mention my ex is retired from the military . I do have a Military ID card am I entitlle for the free admission?

    • Steve says

      Hi Regina,

      I do think so, but like I said it would be against the Ex’s benefit. Would he want to use it this year? If so perhaps a 50/50 split would be appropriate.

  17. Cherie Frisque says

    My son is graduating from Lackland AFB in October. I will be bringing his fiance and step-father with me to Texas. Since we are his parents, are we eligible to get in free with this offer?, and would his fiance be free or should she plan to pay for a ticket? Thank you,

    • Steve says

      Hi Cherie,

      Anheuser-Busch’s policy says that the military member gets a free ticket and that they can get up to three free tickets for “Direct Dependents.” While they don’t define direct dependents, in the military (and to me) that means family members he legally supports, for an example a wife and children.

      So I’d be prepared to pay for everyone but him, and if they let anyone else in the party in for free that’ll be a bonus.

      Sorry it’s not better news, congrats on his graduation!

  18. Sara M says

    Hi Steve!

    I commented in the fall about going to WDW and trying out the military appreciation card as a surprise for my husband. Well. As is prone to happen his leave was cancelled due to ship movements following Hurricane Sandy, and we are FINALLY going to get to WDW in April. Hopefully the card thing still works. We’re booked for Liberty Tree Tavern for my husband’s 30th B-day. I’ll let you know if it goes well. THAT being said. I’m looking for clarification RE the Hero Salute from AB.

    Is it calendar year or 365? We live here in VA and went to BG on April 14, 2012 using the Hero Salute. When we are down in Orlando we would love to go to SW. We’ve used the Hero Salute several times through the years for both SW and BG. LOVE IT. Regardless of whether or not we can go for free (but who doesn’t prefer free? ;-) ) we are planning on going to SW on April 11th or 12th, 2013. JUST SHY of 365 since our last Hero Salute voucher. But if I’m reading your responses correctly it’s actually based on calendar year? So even though it will be less than a year since our last voucher use, it doesn’t matter because we went in 2012 and this time will be 2013?

    Yah, that was wordy!


    • Steve says

      Hey Sara,

      The A-B program is a calendar year one, so no issue with your date.

      Also there is a free 3-day Universal ticket available for the member through ITT. You have to pick it up by the end of March though. They also have 3-days for the price of 2 for the rest of the family. And Legoland has a great discount, also through ITT.

      Have fun and definitely let me know if they are still doing the cards.

  19. Starla says

    Do active Canadian Military meet the requirements for this? My fiance is active duty who just returned from Afghanistan and we will be traveling down in August for our wedding :)

    • Steve says

      Hi Starla,

      This is what the Anheuser-Busch site says:

      “We are proud to salute the men and women of our armed forces and their families. Throughout 2013, any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman is entitled to a free one time admission at either SeaWorld®, Busch Gardens®, Adventure Island®, Water Country USA®, or Sesame Place® for military personnel and as many as three direct dependants.”

      While it doesn’t explicitly state it I believe it’s just for the US military, as it says “our armed forces.”

  20. Bianca says

    Hi Steve.
    I noticed that the “2013 Anheuser-Busch Here’s to the Heroes Salute” page says “Offer valid through 12/31/2012.” Just wanted to make sure this is a typo and the offer is still good through the end of 2013.

  21. Jim says

    I am currently in the Inactive Reserves from the Marine Corps since I got off duty 2 months ago, my wife and I both have regular reservist ID cards, are we eligible for the offer still?


    • Steve says

      Hi Jim,

      Only current (active) military members are eligible for this offer from Anheuser-Busch. Even retired military are not eligible.

      Active reservists have CACs identical to active duty members, not the old pink ID (DD Form 2)

      There is one offer you two would qualify for.

  22. Javier says

    I have a question about the id part, both of my children are under the age of 10. Does my wife has to have an id card?

    • Steve says

      Hi Javier,

      She should (should have one anyway) but if she doesn’t I’d think a driver’s license would do.

  23. brittany says

    So My Fiance is in the military, He and I and two of our friends were planing a big summer get away. Is this Family members only?

  24. Greta says

    I’m sure you stated this before, but to clarify – I want to go to Seaworld with my son in May. I have the pink ID card. My husband is in the National Guard but will not be accompanying us on this trip. Are we still eligible to go?


    • Steve says

      Hi Greta,

      Unfortunately the Anheuser-Busch Here’s to the Heroes program is very limited. It is for the military member to take their family. Their rules don’t say the family can go without them.

      Here is a quote “Throughout 2013, any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman is entitled to a free one time admission at either SeaWorld®, Busch Gardens®, Adventure Island®, Water Country USA®, or Sesame Place® for military personnel and as many as three direct dependents.”

      You can get discounted tickets at base ticket offices, the Orlando ITT, or Shades of Green.

  25. Katie says

    I am divorced from my son’s father, an active duty service memeber they have IDs but I do not. Can my sons use there IDs for their admission and I pay for mine and my other kids and new husband?

    • Steve says

      Hi Katie,

      Sorry, no. This is a benefit for the military member, to spend time in the park with their family. Dependents (children or spouses) are not eligible alone.

  26. Bethany says

    My friends and I are all in the Navy but we wanna go on one ticket. Is that allowed or will we have to get separate tickets?

  27. Matthew says

    Hey there
    Here is a question that you probably get a lot. I am planning on taking my fiance and daughter out to orlando when I get back from overseas (currently serving in korea). I really like the discounts offered to military members and am going to take full advtage of them. Question I have is since we are not married as of yet, can I take my fiance in with me into sea world for free or will I have to pay for a ticket for her?

    Thanks for posting all this information, it saved me a lot of time searching good old google.

  28. ilya says

    Is it no black out dates or mon-fri?

    The military tickets link at the bottom of the B-G page regestration page reads as following.

    Throughout 2013, any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman is entitled to a free one time admission at either SeaWorld®, Busch Gardens®, Adventure Island®, Water Country USA®, or Sesame Place® and Aquatica San Diego (Monday – Friday Weekday admission only) for military personnel and as many as three direct dependants.

    For your service and sacrifice, we thank you.

    • Steve says

      Hi Ilya,

      Thanks for sharing this. I did a quick check of the site, as I hadn’t noticed this before. THey did recently change the name og the offer from the Anheuser-Busch Here’s to the Heroes to Sea World Park’s Waves of Honor. They did this quietly within the last couple months. I see now that the website has been totally redesigned, when I looked about a month ago it had only had a partial redo. I was worried they’d revamped the offer too based on what you shared.

      Several queries I made to Sea World Press Relations about the name change have gone unanswered.

      But it is just Aquatica San Diego which has the M-F restriction. It is harder to see in paragraph form but clear on this page, check it out.

      Thanks again, Steve

  29. Rebecca says

    My active duty husband and I have 5 children… I printed out my 4 freebies… can I buy the last 3 at a discount at the park or SoG? Or is it a full price deal? Either way SO VERY grateful!!!

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