1. Michelle Gasperoni says

    I’ve used the Armed Forces Salute tickets many times in FL but will have a chance to do it at Disneyland later this year. Is it best to buy them ahead from a California base over the phone or just get them when we get there (I guess we don’t need them ahead for Fastpass like at WDW). Also, can you add the Max Pass to the Armed Forces Salute tickets?

    • Steve says

      Hi again Michelle,

      No there really is not a reason to buy them ahead. The only reason would be to spread out cost.

      As you said there is no advance FastPass. I’ve always bought them from the ticket booths in the esplanade area between the parks or from my Disney Hotel if staying at one.

      You can add the paid MaxPass onto a Salute ticket.

      Have fun! It’s similar, but different…

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