1. Can you actually use December 20th in Sea World? I was that the dates were go until then. I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t a blocked day, thank you in advance.

    • Gosh, that’s a good one Beverly. The Waves of Honor site says “Offer available until November 11, 2013; must visit by December 20, 2013.”

      It says visit by not through. I’ll see if I can get clarification from SeaWorld Parks.


  2. I am a spouse of a deceased active duty military, do I qualify for the free admission that you guys do every year?

  3. Hi, Steve.
    I am a spouse of a retired military member. We will be at Orlando from Dec 26 to Jan 11th.
    I have read that this 50% offer at Sea World id valid until Nov and must be redeem before Dec. 20.
    Do you have information if Sea World is planning to extended it?
    Thanks for your help.

    • I don’t yet Mariel, they traditionally announce late Dec or early Jan, but II’ll see if I can find out.

      If they do I imagine it will start back up the 1st.

  4. I was just wondering if there was any news yet on if this offer for retired military be continued into 2014?

    • Hi Trisha,

      SeaWorld Parks Media Relations hasn’t let me know if they will bringing this offer back, so I’ll check with them.


  5. When you find out if Sea World will be doing the 50% off for the 2015 year can you let me know please. We will be going to Disney in March 2015.

    thank you

  6. Hi, Im a veteran and im just wonderinf if i go in for free or my ticket is also only 50 percent off?

  7. Would a service connected disability (60%) vet be eligible for the 50% Sea World tickets under the Veterans category?

    • Hi Michelle,

      First this is a 2013 offer.

      Second SeaWorld Parks exclude all but current military members except during very limited offers (November for Veteran’s Day). You’d need a retired ID to qualify then.

  8. Hello Steve, I am a retired vet with 26 years service and also a 100% disabled vet; my question is how do I obtain free admission tickets to sea world and what do I do to obtain tickets. I will be in Orlando on 9 May 2016. Please reply ASAP. Thank you kindly Luis

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