Disabled Veterans Are Eligible for Disney Military Discounts

Are you a Disabled Veteran?

Then you are eligible fora variety of discounts depending on your exact status, proper ID is a must.

I get lots of great questions from my readers via email and in comments on my blog posts. Some of the questions can be answered by my Disney Armed Forces Salute FAQ, others take some thought or more research on my part.

Occasionally I’ll get several different requests for the same information in a short period of time. When I do, I know I need to get that info out to everyone.

I just received three questions asking me to to clarify if disabled vets are eligible for Disney’s great Military Salute.

Some Are!

100% permanently disabled (DAVPRM) veterans are eligible for Disney’s Armed Forces Salute. They should have a Retired ID card with the code: DAVPRM printed on it.

Here is a link to more info on this discount

How to obtain a military ID

Shades Of Green Benefits as well

100% Disabled Vets are also eligible to stay at Shades of Green (the military owned and operated reasort on Disney property) and purchase military discounted tickets there. Shades of Green’s policy says “Honorably Discharged Veterans with 100% service-connected disability (and their families)” are eligible. Required documentation is a DD Form 1173 or DD Form 2765.

Not 100%?

If you are not 100% disabled or retired there are a couple of discounts that you still qualify for.

You are eligible to stay at Shades of Green in the months of September and January with your DD-214, see this information.

And SeaWorld Parks just came out with this offer

Shades of Green offers discounted tickets for Disney, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and many more local Orlando Attractions.

Here is some more info on Shades of Green and their ticket sales.

Hope this info helps, be sure to take some time to review the info on my site, there is lots to go through!
Information on Shades of Green the Military Hotel on Disney World property

See all the current Shades of Green Discounts and Packages

A Special Note on Shades of Green Discounts: Something to be aware of is that Shades constantly changes the dates and discounts offered of their specials and packages.

Shades of Green Links

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  1. Edward Griffin says

    My status is DAV “service connected” but not DAVPRM. Does “service connected” qualify for Disney discounts? Thank You

    • Steve says

      Edward, that’s one I don’t know… I recommend that you give Disney a call to ask. if you do find out the answer it would be great if you post it here!

      Thanks Steve

      (407) WDISNEY or (407) 934-7639

  2. Mike P. says

    I just got off the phone with a ‘cast member’ and she said they only accept Military IDs with “Active” or “Retired” on them. I’m a 40% service-connected DAV and while I applaud Disney for recognizing the sacrifices of our military families, I take exception to them not acknowledging those of us who served and fought and now bare the physical and emotional scars of our service.

    • Steve says

      Mike, Hi and first off, thanks for your service!

      I know this is frustrating, in fact there was a lively discussion on this on the DIS message boards today (which was deleted as it turned nasty).

      Most frustrating to me, not only in regards to your specific comment, but also to Disney’s handling of this entire offer is the total confusion and lack of consistency within the company.

      The details of the April 2011 extension of the offer were just updated in Disney’s site in November. And this page is very vague.

      Meanwhile documents that Disney Ticket Castmembers refer to for this offer state: Note: Permanently Disabled Veterans are also eligible for this offer. These military personnel will have a military ID with a DAVPRM status.

      Calling the Disney 800 number several different times can yield you as many different answers…

      Have you tried to purchase the AFS tickets at your local base ticket office? If one is nearby.

      Unfortunately other than that Mike, the only way to see if you can take advantage of this offer is to go there and buy the tickets.

  3. colleenme says

    DAVPRM means Disabled American Veteran- Permanent. The VA doesnt even like this classification anymore- they will give 80% service connected/ 20 % unemployability to 67 year olds before they hand out PRMs. Also, your VA card IS NOT SUFFICIENT for the discount, even if it stated disabled on it- you could be 10 -90 % disabled. Finally, having it stamped on your military id is sort of outmoded too- no one gets a military id unless retired sooo….good luck all.

  4. Amanda says

    Hi Steve,
    Question for you. My sister and her family are joining us on vacation in Orlando and we would love to take advantage of the Armed Forces Salute.
    Here’s her situation:
    She’s a Disabled Veteran (USMC), on 100% disability. Her military ID card does not say DAVPRM, but she does have a letter stating she is 100% disabled. As I understand it, the discount is only for retired career military, however, her ID card does say USMC Retired, so not sure if that would qualify her.
    Unfortunately calling Disney hasn’t been very helpful, the onlly answer I got was “I’m sorry, I don’t know…contact your local base ticket office.” Problem is, the closest base to her is 4 hours away. So, if by some chance she is eligible, would she be able to buy tickets at SOG, even though we’re staying off-site?

    This whole thing is so confusing, but I appreciate your input!

    • Steve says

      Hey there Amanda,

      She has a retired ID so she’s eligible for the Armed Forces Salute and Shades of Green. The fact that she is medically retired isn’t relevant as long as she has the “Retired ID.”

      The DAVPRM is sort of a gray area anyway, it’s Disney required text on an “ID” but I’m not sure what type of ID. Some sort of VA card for non-retired disabled vets??? I’m not sure how much luck people have had with this…

      So to wrap up sounds like she is retired and drawing retired pay (I’d assume) so she’s good to go in my opinion.

      Have Fun!

      Oh and yes any eligible member can buy tickets at Shades, whether they are staying there or not. I do it all the time. She just needs to show her ID at the guard shack and they’ll give her parking directions.

  5. Betsy says

    DAVPRM Means Disabled Veteran- Prior Military. At least, that is how I have always understood it and what the VA told my husband.

    I spoke with a Disney employee (my husband, USMC vet, is 60%) and he said he got in touch with the Disney liaison in charge of all the military offers. Per that individual, the military is the one specifying the DAVPRM needs to be on an ID.

    We’ve got a 100% disabled friend that wants to go (which is why I looked into this) and he’s placed several phone calls. RAPIDS locations in OH, NY, WV and PA he’s called have told him that they didn’t know what he meant by “an ID that states DAVPRM”

    Go figure.

    • Steve says

      Hi Betsy,

      Thanks for checking in!

      Well everything I’ve seen defines it as Disabled Veteran Permanent, and this is also how Disney defines it: “Note: Permanently Disabled Veterans are also eligible for this offer. These military personnel will have a military ID with a DAVPRM status.” which is what matters in this case.

      Besides all veterans are prior military, so don’t know why it would mean that…

      Yes the military specified that these are the only veterans eligible (although not retired) as they are the ones still eligible for base access. When Disney makes these offers they sit down with the military and come to an agreement on all the details and then sign a contract. That’s what the rep you talked to meant when they said “…the military is the one specifying the DAVPRM needs to be on an ID” Disney goes by who the military says is an eligible military member.

      The DAVPRM will be on a military retired ID in the rank square, as in: DAVPRM/E6, not a VA card which is why they don’t know about it I imagine.

      As a 100% DAV your friend is eligible for the Shades of Green Resort the military owned and operated resort on Disney World Property and is eligible to purchase the regular military discounted tickets there. While not as good as the Armed Forces Salute, it’s still something.

      Your Husband, as someone who served is eligible for Shades of Green in September and January with his DD-214.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Allen C says

    I read your articles and wonder about one thing. I am a Disabled Veteran and was discharged without being retired. Most of us are. I am now rated at 50% and wonder how I can take advantage of the Disney Disabled Veteran Discount. I do not have a “retired” ID Card, I do have a VA Disabled Card that indicated that I am “Service Connected”. Does this count??

    I look forward to your reply.

    A C

    • Steve says

      Hello Allen,

      Well, as a non-retired, non-DAVPRM, who is less than 100% there is only one offer that you qualify for. It’s this offer at Shades of Green in the months of September and January.

      If you read this post you’ll find a good summation of all the available discounts.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Jason says

    Your title in your post was overly ambitious and you stumbled into a very sad grey area that is something of a modern day coverup. I’ll use myself as the example.

    At 30% disability upon medical seperation you get “medicaly retired.” This is how you get the stamp you are refering to. The stamp is the same thing as saying retired, its just indicating you were medicaly retired. How ever in addition to deals like this, the military branch is also on the hook for retirement benifits including medical. Hence why you all get base access with this trip. Now even though VA money and military medical benifits come from the US budget, its a game of “whos going to pay the bill.”

    Sadly the military and in my case specificaly, the Marines, they choose to “cut their losses.” Losses in this case are there own disabled veterans.

    In my case “repetitive motion” of any activity with my legs causes me great pain. I can no longer run, or even walk long distances. (at age 24 this was very traumatizing to deal with…) I’m 29 now and have done some research into how all this happens.

    Basicaly the Marines low balled me, gave me 10% disability per leg so that under reason for seperation I showed 20% disabled, they did not have to retire me, I was seperated for “medical reasons under honorable conditions” and do not qualify for any retired benifits or base access.

    The VA looks at your case and has to review everything for disability raiting (THE SAME GUIDLINE THE MILITARY IS MANDATED TO USE!!!!) I was rated 20% per leg (should be retired) and am at 70% overall.

    Of coarse they are not going to tell Disney, “Hey we really should let these disabled veterans use it too, we really shorted them when we separated them.” But Disney has been asked this question so many times and had stories like mine explained to them enough that I am realy saddened they have not chosen to open their own eyes.

    • Steve says

      Hello Jason,

      Thanks so much for your service!

      Your story is very disheartening and I feel for you brother!

      But the issues you bring up are well beyond the scope of my humble site. My goal with the post is merely to lay out the info on what the requirements are for the various discounts that are available.

      As I understand the process Disney goes through when making one of their offers is that they enter into negotiations with the DoD/MWR and it is the military who set who is considered eligible, not Disney.

      I do so wish it was less convoluted and all who served could partake.

      Take care!

  8. brittanie says

    We’re going to Disney World in 3 weeks so I’m trying to plan ahead. My dad is a retired military, 100% disabled and we called shades of green today to make sure my dad could use the armed forces salute and the lady on the phone said no he wasn’t eligible because he doesn’t have the brown id card. His military ID does state he is retired and all the websites i’m seeing say he’s eligible if he’s retired. So my question is what does he need to get the armed forces salute discount?

    • Steve says

      Hi Brittanie,

      I’m a little confused…

      What kind of ID does he have?

      You said he is retired, so he receives retirement pay right? If he is retired he would have a blue retired ID or a red retired reserve ID. These both qualify for the discount.

      If he doesn’t have those and he is 100% I think he should have the tan 100% disabled veteran ID. A tan ID needs to have the DAVPRM code on it to qualify for the Armed Forces Salute.

      But 100% disabled veterans do qualify to stay at Shades and buy the regular military discounted tickets there.

  9. Tonyusmc47 says

    Not all disabled veterans are retired, we are considered former military with service connected disabilities. So are we not eligible for veteran discounts? Not all combat veterans get retirement, we just get the scars, a thanks and an honorable discharge.

    • Steve says

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your service!

      Unfortunately there are very few discounts for those who didn’t retire or who are not 100% DAVPRM.

      If you are not 100% disabled or retired there are a couple of discounts that you still qualify for.

      But you are eligible to stay at Shades of Green in the months of September and January with your DD-214, see this information.

      And SeaWorld Parks just came out with this offer

  10. lawrence DeLarme says

    I sent this message before but i have not seen it on your site ???? #1 You have to be 100% disabled Veteran , you do NOT have to be retired from military. # 2 The ID you need is part of the DERE Program called rapid ID. # 3 You can find a listing on line of the rapid ID sites in your state. # 4 You do not need any paperwork but you do need two forms of ID. ( If you are 100% disabled they have all your information in their computer.) My site was in South Bend Indiana and it took me all of 10 minutes to get my ID. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

    • Steve says

      Hello there again Lawrence,

      Your pervious comment is here!!!!

      Disney does require a military issued ID: CAC, DD Form 2, DD Form 1173, DD Form 1173-1, or DD Form 2765. Shades of Green requires the same IDs or a DD-214 for non-retired vets in the months of Jan and Sept.

      I’m not really sure what you are trying to say. BTW it is DEERS – Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, which is a system accessed by Base ID Offices.


  11. Robert McAllister says

    Hello Steve
    This is just a small thank you for your help for all veterans no matter what status they are. Its individuals like you who spend 99.9% of their time doing all the leg work to make the vet and family have a great vacation.

    I am 100% with the brown I.D. and in the space that denotes status/grade is the DAV/PRM/E5 . This was issued to me and my wife at a military base in Chattanooga Tn. All i know about the I.D. is that it does allow us both to utilize a commisary on military bases. I do not know if it allows us to receice any other considerations like discounts to Disney or not. Thanks again for all that you do for us. Robert

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