1. Katie S. says

    We are stationed in California and bought Armed Forces Salute tickets for DisneyLand in February 2020. We have not used any days. Do you think the admission of California residents will include us? (We do not have California drivers licenses.)

    • Steve says

      Hi Katie,

      In June of 2020 Disneyland announced on their website that they had extended the expiration on Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets to 16 December 2021.

      See: and click on Tickets then look for Military Salute.

      From what Disneyland shared on the travel agent side it seems the CA only rule has to do with California’s travel restrictions?

      I’d bring a copy of your mortgage or lease, utility bill, or something else official addressed to you in CA to document CA residence

  2. Elizabeth says

    Just got off the phone with Disney land. No we cannot enter the park unless we have a CA ID.

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