1. Jim Shiffrin says

    About ten years ago we were visiting WDW, and my son (then a ROTC cadet) wanted to do the Retreat. We stopped in to Town Hall, and they told us there were no openings until about three days out – we said great, we will be here. That afternoon, we checked in, and a different person asked if my son was Active Duty – he said “No, ROTC”. They would not let him do it, so I did (as an Air Force retiree). I believe it was the high point of the trip! We got lots of pictures, and I wear the commemorative pin proudly on my USAF Retired ball cap – it starts lots of conversations!

    In the It’s a Small World category, the two police officers working that day were retired from the Anne Arundel County Police force in Maryland, and we live in Anne Arundel County!

  2. Evelyn says

    The article says active and retired military are “encouraged to participate” and “will be called upon” but how? what are the details of participating? I’m going to take my boyfriend to Disneyland when he is on leave in June, and we both want him to participate in this!

    • Steve says

      Hi Evelyn,

      I believe by participate Disney means to stop to watch rather than walking on by to the next attraction.

      During the ceremony the narrator will call the name of each service and ask that those members identify themselves.

      I’ll ask our West Coast Correspondent to tag in. Kenzie, can you shed anymore light?

      • Kenzie Dawn says

        Of course! As Steve said, they’ll be called up by branch; the Ceremony’s host will ask if there are any Active Duty Military or Veterans in the crowd (make sure to ask a Cast Member at the beginning of the day when the Ceremony will be and make sure you’re there on time). They will then invite them to the front of the crowd to stand at the base of the Flag Pole.

        They’re encouraged to sing and stand at attention during their branch’s hymn, as well as Salute (instead of placing their hands over their hearts) while the National Anthem is played.

        And that’s pretty much it!

        They won’t have speaking parts or be asked to help lower the Flag, since there are plenty of Cast Members for that, but they’ll be brought to the front to be seen and honored by other participating guests. It’s quite the incredible sight!

        Thanks for your question – have a great trip in June!

  3. Jim Shiffrin says

    When we did it at WDW about ten years ago, we stopped in to Town Hall on our first day, and signed up for later that week. I would assume a similar process at Disneyland.

  4. Sana says

    I work for a law enforcement angency and collect challenge coins and I’d love to add a Disney one to my collection. I was told that you could get one at the Flag Ceremony. Is that true?

    • Steve says

      Not that I am aware of Sana, but they do sell sets of them in some of the gift shops (or online I think) I have a set with all 4 FL parks.

  5. Lisa (Kona) Levine says

    My father was a security officer at Disneyland when it opened in 1955. A retired Marine, he used to perform this ceremony solo (!) and they made a training film of him in the late fifties or early sixties. I’ve always wondered if this film still exists somewhere in Disney archives, but have no idea how to find out. Anyway, a wonderful ceremony.

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