Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Military Room Discounts

Disney’s Armed Forces Salute is a fantastic discount available to military members. This discount includes both ticket and room discounts.

Here are the Top Ten Things that you need to know about discounts on rooms using this offer.

Disney Armed Forces Salute Ticket

1. The Armed Forces Salute is a Temporary Offer

The Armed Forces Salute is a relatively recent innovation by the Walt Disney Company. The first version of the Salute was first offered in 2002 for a only part of the year, during the travel industry downturn after 9/11. It ended once people started traveling again in bigger numbers.

The Disney Armed Forces Salute returned again in January 2009 as the current economic downturn came into full swing and the general public reduced their vacation spending. The Salute offers have been running, on a year to year basis, since then with a couple of notable breaks.

So if you are considering a Disney vacation within the next couple of years keep in mind that we never know if the Salute will be renewed again or not. 

The 2018 Salute offer was announced on 28 September 2017. It will start on 1 January 2018 and run through 19 December 2018.

2. What are the Room Discounts that are available with the Armed Forces Salute?

Disney offers the military community a fantastic percentage off of their regular room rates.

For 2017 the discount received depends on the resort category.

  • Deluxe Resorts and Disney Vacation Club Properties receive 40% off
  • Moderate Resorts and the Cabins at Fort Wilderness receive 35% off
  • Value Resorts with the exception of the Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation receive 30% off

For 2018 the discount received depends on the resort category and dates.

For 2018 the discounts are on a sliding scale based upon availability. The less rooms available the lower the discount.

  • Deluxe Resorts and Disney Vacation Club Properties receive UP To 40% off
  • Moderate Resorts and the Cabins at Fort Wilderness receive UP To 35% off
  • Value Resorts UP To 30% off
Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Disney's Armed Forces Salute Military Room Discounts

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

3. What Dates are the Armed Forces Salute Room Discounts available for?

As I mentioned above the 2018 Armed Forces Salute starts on 1 January 2018 and runs through 19 December 2018.

But, Disney has what they call blockout dates, dates on which these room discounts are not available.

At Walt Disney World these dates are:

  • 25 March – 5 April 2018

At Disneyland these dates are:

  • 23 March – 8 April 2018
Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Disney's Armed Forces Salute Military Room Discounts

The flag flies over Epcot’s Spaceship Earth

4. The number of rooms allocated for the Armed Forces Salute offer is limited.

Many don’t realize that this offer is not an across the board, always available offer.  There are a limited number of rooms at these prices, by date, resort choice, and room type.

The Disney Armed Forces Salute discount availability is based upon how many total rooms are still available by day, resort, and room type.

The cheaper the room category, the more rooms that are initially offered for the discount. The more expensive rooms generally only have very few available to start. Once all of the discounts that are allocated to a specific room category at an individual resort are used up, no more will be given.

As rooms fill up the discount becomes less and less until it is finally unavailable by day, resort, room type. For example on a specific date the Salute discount might not be available at all at the All-Star Movies, be available on all room types at the Coronado Springs, while at the Beach Club Resort the discount might only be available on concierge level rooms.

If only more expensive rooms are available, that means the discounts on the cheaper ones have already been used up.

If you are looking for a specific price range and the discount is not available for that type room at the Resort you were interested in, you’ll have to try a different resort, or shift your dates slightly to see if you have better luck.

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Disney's Armed Forces Salute Military Room Discounts

The Yacht and Beach Club Resorts

5. You can reserve multiple rooms at a time.

You are allowed to reserve more than one room using the Disney Armed Forces Salute room discount.

  • You may reserve 3 rooms at Walt Disney World
  • You may reserve 2 rooms at Disneyland (5 person max in each)

The member or spouse must occupy one of the rooms. All rooms must be at the same resort and check in on the same day.

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Disney's Armed Forces Salute Military Room Discounts

The pool at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

6. The Disney Armed Forces Salute is available at both U.S. Disney Resorts.

You can take advantage of this great discount on both coasts. The Disney Armed Forces Salute room discounts are available at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Unfortunately the discount is not available at Disney’s Vero Beach and Hilton Head Island Resorts in the U.S. or any of the overseas locations.

Walt Disney World's Beach Club Resort -Room

Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort -Room


7. You can use the Disney Armed Forces Salute Room Discounts an unlimited number of times.

There is no limit at all on the number of times that you can use the Disney Armed Forces Salute room discounts.

You can use the discount multiple times at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland throughout the offer period.

The Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets, however are limited to 6 total during the offer period.

Patriotic Disney - Frontierland - Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

8. You can add the Disney Dining Plan to your WDW room reservation.

A common misconception regarding this discount is that you can’t add the Disney Dining Plan to the military room rate.

This is because normally under full price conditions Disney requires that you have a room and ticket package to add the DDP. Armed Forces Salute reservations are what Disney calls a room only reservation because they expect you to buy the Salute tickets which have to be purchased separately. Some think that because there are no tickets associated with the room, that you can’t add the DDP. Not so!

Disney makes an exception for these military room only rates and allows you to add any paid Disney Dining Plan. The occasional Free Dining that WDW offers is excluded as you would be stacking discounts.

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Disney's Armed Forces Salute Military Room Discounts

The view from my Animal Kingdom Lodge room

9. You will receive the same great Disney Benefits that those paying full price do.

You will be eligible for the exact same Disney benefits as if you’d paid full price.

Check out this list of amenities that you’ll receive when you stay in a Walt Disney World Resort:

  • Free Disney provided roundtrip transportation to your resort from the Orlando International Airport (Disney’s Magical Express).
  • Free transportation from your resort to all WDW destinations via Disney’s fleet of buses, boats, and monorails.
  • Free theme park parking, should you decide to drive your car.
  • Participation in Extra Magic Hours – early entry and late stays at designated parks on designated days. The general public is not allowed in during Extra Magic Hours.
  • Property wide charging of your Disney purchases (Merchandise, Dining, etc.) to your room.
  • Disney Merchandise delivery to your resort (from the theme parks or Disney Springs)
  • Guaranteed theme park entry on high attendance days when the parks close due to nearing capacity
  • Booking FastPass Plus reservations 60 days prior to check in
  • The ability to add the various Disney Dining Plans to your vacation
  • The ability to book Advance Dining Reservations for your entire trip (up to 10 days) at the 180 day mark.

And here is the list of amenities that you’ll receive when you stay in a Disneyland Hotel:

  • Participation in Extra Magic Hour – One-hour early entry prior to the scheduled opening time on designated days to the Disneyland Park or California Adventure. The general public is not allowed in during the Extra Magic Hour so you’ll have much less competition for attractions. Disneyland – Tues, Thurs, Sat. California Adventure – Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun.
  • Charging of your Disneyland purchases (Merchandise, Dining, etc.) to your room. Note: third party vendors like most restaurants at Downtown Disney are excluded.
  • A Special Park Entrance – Use a convenient gateway to California Adventure through the Grand California Hotel and Spa.
  • Disney Merchandise delivery to your resort (from the theme parks or Downtown Disney)
  • Guaranteed theme park entry on high attendance days when the parks close due to nearing capacity
  • The ability to book Preferred Access Dining Reservations between 60 and 2 days prior to check in.
Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Disney's Armed Forces Salute Military Room Discounts

The Disney Armed Forces Salute discount is not valid at the Hollywood Tower Hotel

10. Here’s how to make Disney Armed Forces Salute Room Reservations.

So now that you are excited and ready to get these great discounts for yourself, lets go over how to do it.

You can not make Disney Armed Forces Salute reservations online!

There are only 2 ways to get this great discount, call Disney directly yourself, or use a travel agent.

Call Yourself

You can use these numbers to call Disney Reservations

  • Walt Disney World (407) 939-1936
  • Disneyland (714) 956-6425

Use a Travel Agent

I recommend using an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (travel agent)! Doing so can take the stress out of planning a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation, which can be a complicated and overwhelming task.

You have probably seen elsewhere on the site that I recommend Ears of Experience as my preferred Authorized Disney Vacation Planners. They will do all the work for you and you’ll pay the same price as if you did it yourself.

Ears of Experience - Full Service At No Extra Cost

Ears of Experience – Military Disney Tips’ Recommended Disney Only Travel Agent.

So there you have it!

The ten top things that you need to know about Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Room Discounts.

Many of the above items are questions that I’m often asked via email and the ask a question page on this site.

If you have more questions consider buying my Disney Guide Book for Military Families, reading the full Disney Armed Forces Salute Information Page, the Disney Armed Forces Salute FAQ, or checking out our FAQ Friday Posts.

Are there any other questions that you have? Leave them in a comments section below!

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  1. Hey Steve: Wonder if you can check with those you trust to see if the current $75 gift card per night being given to those who book CBR during construction would be given to those who use the Salute discount to book a stay there? Thanks for any info you might be able to garner.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Just checked with the pro, Amy from Ears of Experience, and she said that no matter what price you are paying, discount or not if you choose to stay at CBR during that time you will get the nightly $75 gift card.

      If you would like to move to another moderate (Coronado, Riverside, French Quarter, or Fort Wilderness Cabins), they will price lock you to that same rate. (Huge savings at the Cabins!)

  2. Can a family member other than the eligible member or spouse who will be in the travel party call to make an Armed Forces Salute room reservation? My FIL is DAVPRM, and both he and my MIL are becoming hard of hearing and have thick NC mountain twangs that sometimes makes communication difficult when trying to discuss multiple resorts, dates, etc over the phone. After booking our trip for this fall, they asked me to take care of all the future planning on their behalf (we always travel together and I plan the whole trip anyway, they just call to reserve it). I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know if my husband or I would be able to call.

    • Yes absolutely you guys can make the call!

      Your FIL will show his ID at check in. That’s all he’ll need to do 🙂

  3. I am in the middle of booking my 2018 January stay. I have had to book at regular prices and then wait for the Military rates to come out. Late last week, an agent stated that the military rates are soon to come out. I asked for specifics and she said within a week! That would be awesome; however, I reserve the right to remain skeptical, but very hopeful.

    • Hi Barbara,

      I’ve never seen a military discount on Disneyland passes. I just checked Camp Pendleton and if anyone had it they would.

  4. Hi, my husband is a military man, we are from Brazil. Can we use military discounts from stores and restaurants? I’ve noticed that in the parks, the discount is only for the US military.

    • Hi Sarita ,

      That would be up to the individual store, but I really can’t imagine why a US business would give a discount to someone from another country’s military.

      • Thank you for the polite response. I already got the answer. I have already found the stores and parks that offer discounts to military of allied countries.

  5. Steve,

    Just made a reservation for Grand Floridian for June 2018 under new deal. The percent discount only came out to 33.5% vice 40% for a deluxe resort. Tales to a CM and he said same came up with another at Contemporary. NO where on Disney website do the specify % off of rooms at different levels of resorts. Any comments or insight?


    • Hi Brian,

      Since the Disney Armed Forces Salutes started in 2009 the room discounts have always been 30, 35, 40%. Disney however has never published these numbers anywhere.

      It is seeming as I’ve had a couple reports that they are less this year.

      I will be investigating.

      • Steve,

        Thank you for the quick reply. A little more detail on our stay,June 2018 trip and are staying club level at GF. They did not have any standard rooms available for our selected dates at any of the deluxe monorail resorts (CL only).

        • I have run into the same issue, booked for week of Dec. 8 nothing but club level was available at any of the monorail resorts and it was only around 30% off regular price.

  6. Are all the military discounts offered for only active members or 100% disabled veterans? I understand requiring this for Shades of Green, but I would think Disney would acknowledge any disabled veteran regardless of the percentage. I feel it’s a violation of hippa to even ask that question.
    We would like to make travel plans for Feb. and this is rather pertinent information.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for writing in.

      The DoD sets the eligibility for Disney, those eligible include current military members, retired military members, and as you noted 100% Service Connected Permanently Disabled. Essentially those who are eligible for military benefits, not VA benefits which are totally different.

      Disney isn’t asking people about any specifics of their medical history, only to see a current qualifying Military ID. Those not in the statuses previously mentioned do not have one of these.

      The DoD issues the 100% DAVPRM IDs based upon government privacy act information.

      Also I’m sure it is a question of volume as well. SeaWorld has officially said as much to regarding their Waves of Honor program, which is for current military only, excluding retirees. They say their parks are not large enough to handle the volume this would bring.

      There are about 2.25 million current military members and 2 million retirees making a total of 4.25 million eligible for Disney’s offer.

      There are 16.85 million non-retired veterans.

      I don’t know the percentage of those who are eligible that do take advantage of Disney’s offer, or the percentage of those who are not eligible who would, but it seems to me that Disney thinks offering it to 17 million more people might cause some issues with added volume.

      Can you change your dates to January?

      If so you would be eligible to stay at Shades of Green. See:

      • No, we have a commitment to a condo with friends in Feb. and had planned to vacation with our family after.
        I hope some day appreciation can be shown to all our disabled veterans no matter what their percentage is. We should be proud of all of them. Allowing a certain amount to use this would be just as effective as the promotions for specials in the other resorts.


  8. we are staying at CBR in November 2018 and it is still under refurbishment. Is Disney still offering the $75 gift card?

    • Hi Jamie,

      To my knowledge, the gift card offer at CBR is for guests traveling May 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 with a reservation booked prior to March 20, 2017.

      This offer was for those surprised by the refurb announcement after having made their reservation, not those who chose to stay there during the refurb.