Disney Military Discounts – A Confusing Topic For Disabled Veterans

Disney Armed Forces Salute Ticket

There are lots of different Disney Discounts available for Disabled Vets.

But trying to figure out which, if any apply to your situation can be not only confusing but sometimes impossible, if you don’t know where to look.

I get lots of questions from my great readers via email. Many are from disabled veterans who are asking if they are eligible for any Disney Discounts. So I decided to do a post to clear the topic up. Here is my Guide to Disney Discounts for Disabled Veterans.

What’s Your Status?

Many who write me say “I’m a disabled Vet. Am I eligible for a discount at Disney?” unfortunately for a question as vague as that the answer has to be maybe…

There is a lot more information required in order to make a determination. The important questions that need to be answered in order to determine which offers you are eligible for are:

  • Were you Medically Retired for your disability?
  • Are you classified as Permanently Disabled?
  • Are you 100% Disabled?
  • Or a lower percentage?

Different Disney Discount Offers For Veterans

There are two totally different ways for military members, including disabled veterans to obtain a discount at Disney theme parks.

  1. The Disney Armed Forces Salute
    • A Temporary offer
    • With very attractive discounts on both park tickets and resort rooms
  2. The Shades of Green Resort
    • A military owned and operated resort on Disney World property
    • A benefit which has always been available but which does not offer as great discounts
    • Discounted rooms and tickets


Medically Retired

If you were medically retired and retain a current valid retired military ID, then you are eligible for both Disney’s Armed Forces Salute and Shades of Green as a retiree. The disability doesn’t play into the equation.

Link to the Armed Forces Salute Info
Link to Shades of Green Info

100% Permanent Service Connected Disabled

If you have an military ID with the DAVPRM code (Disabled Veteran Permanent) on it, then you are eligible for Disney’s Armed Forces Salute and Shades of Green.

Link to the Armed Forces Salute Info

Link to Shades of Green Info

100% Temporary Disabled

If you are 100% disabled  but not DAVPRM then you are only eligible for Shades of Green.

Link to Shades of Green Info

Less Than 100% Disabled

If you are less than 100% disabled and not DAVPRM then you are not eligible for any regular military discount. But you are eligible for stays and ticket purchasing ability while staying at Shades of Green in the months of September and January only.

Anyone who has served honorably is eligible for this benefit at Shades of Green with their DD-214.

Link to this Special Shades of Green Program

Who Sets the Eligibility for these Programs?

Please note that the Department of Defense sets the eligibility for all Disney discounts, not Disney. Any comments, letters, frustration should be directed at the DoD not Disney!

I hope this clears up a little of the confusion! If not leave a question in the comments below!

How to obtain a military ID

Planning a Disney Trip? Want to get the best military discounts that are available? Feeling a little confused? See our:

Learn about the Disney Armed Forces Salute the best military discount that there is for Disney. For where to stay see our Resorts/Hotel Overview Page. Disney doesn’t discount dining for the military, but there are a few places on property that do, see the Dining Overview Page to learn where plus more dining info. You can also learn about Transportation Options. Be sure to check out our Technology Overview to learn about Magic Bands and My Disney Experience to see how they work with military tickets. Walt Disney World visitors might be interested in staying at Shades of Green, WDW’s Military Only Resort.

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  1. My son in law bought afs tickets and we have reservations for January, his current I.d expires in December. He is trying to reinlist but they don’t have anything in his current field, so he is trying to get an extension. If he does not get approved are we going to be able to use these tickets due to his military I.d. Expirering?

    • Tina, unfortunately a current valid military ID is required to activate the Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets once you arrive at a Disney theme park. Could you go earlier?

  2. I am a 100% p&t service connected veteran. My new ID card says DAVPRM. Does this mean I am eligible to stay at shades of green anytime?

  3. I don’t understand how disney won’t discount a disabled veteran unless they are 100% or permanently disabled . They will discount civilian workers but not someone who has served our country regardless of how disabled they are . My husband is supposedley only 80% disabled according to the ARMY . But little does anyone know that it is very difficult to recieve 100% disability through our government that doesn’t want to pay our disable vets anything let alone give them the treatment they need and have well deserved. I think someone from all of these theme parks should completely change these discounts. How does a civilian worker recieve a discount but not a disabled vet regardless of percentages. Most of the civilian workers barely work as it is and very rarely help our soldiers while they are still active .
    Sorry to sound so negative but we are a military family that has been treated so wrong by the ARMY and I know we are not the only ones. They make the world think that they take care of their soldiers but in reality they don’t. Especially our wounded warriors.

    • Im with you my husband only got 70% but he literally broke his back for the navy. He had surgery because his vertebra cracked and leaked Spinal fluid which them calcified asks caused him to start to lose feeling and control of his legs. Almost three years later he’s no longer military because can’t lift more then 40lbs, can’t do sit ups or run…hell never be the same again. Yet he didn’t get 100%…

    • First,

      Thank you both for the service to our country! I am 60% disabled however where do they draw the line for allowing less than 100%. I fully understand your frustration but if they lowered it to even 50% – you would be on a waiting list for all of the discounts. The flood gates would be open and a perfect example is at the Hale Koa in Hawaii. I live on Oahu and cant get in for a year wait list. I agree with you that the civilians should not take precedents over ANY member of the armed services…There are only 365 days to put in all the military members. I pray your husband keeps up the fight towards 100% and receives his DAVPRM.

    • Boycott Disney. They do not support the Military, money is more important to them, than Disabled Veterans.

      • As stated above “Please note that the Department of Defense sets the eligibility for all Disney discounts, not Disney. Any comments, letters, frustration should be directed at the DoD not Disney!”

  4. It is very difficult to get 100% P&T. I was medically retired from the Army with 30% disability (I incurred a physical problem that precluded me from performing my military duties and a “nervous” or “mental” breakdown resulting in PTSD related to extreme stress. The two disabilities were unrelated). The next 10 years of trying to get 100% P&T would take pages to relate, so I’ll cut to the chase. I was stuck on 80%. At one of my annual interviews, the Interviewer told me that I would have to prove that I was unable to hold down gainful employment in order to be considered for 100% (that did not include the P&T). I gave them the proof they needed, but still no 100%. At my last interview, the Interviewer (a different one) who had worked at the main VA office in St. Petersburg, Florida, said that it all depends on how the Interviewer writes up his report. The Board looks for certain “tag” words. If those “tags” aren’t there, then the 100% is not awarded. Unfortunately, he did not give me any clues as to what those “tag” words were. Through him, I got the 100% but not the P&T. When I turned age 63 i received a letter from the VA awarding me P&T because of my age. Through this whole ordeal, I was receiving Social Security Disability and VA Disability. The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) guided me through the process and handled my claims. To go from 30% to 100% was approximately 15 years of claims and interviews. Mental disabilities are a lot harder to prove than physical disabilities.

  5. Hello. I’m sure this is asked a million times but I’m very confused by the wording on the shades of green website that says only career retired (20 years or more) are eligible for this and yet you say if we were medically retired we are eligible for the special. I was just medically retired at 18.5 years…. Am I not eligible for this special? I have the same retiree ID card as anyone would get at 20 I believe. I don’t see anything mentioned above written on it.

    • Hi Yesenia,

      As long as you have a regular DD Form 2, blue retired ID card you are good to go. If it looks just like any other one that a 20 year retiree has they have no way to know how many years you served.

      You mentioned both Shades and the “special.” The Armed Forces Salute eligibility is totally separate from and more restrictive than Shades eligibility. But a retired ID is a retired ID.

      But if you have a different card we’ll have to talk some more specifics though.


      • I sure do have a DD Form 2 (blue card). I only mentioned the Shades of Green page because it is where I saw the Armed Forces Salute originally. I thought it seemed odd that I would not be eligible as a retiree. It was very confusing that the special is more strict on the SoG site than as listed on the Disney site itself (where there is not mention of a 20 year requirement… just retired with ID card). I also called my local MWR today and was assured that I am indeed eligible.

        • Great!

          The main reason I started the site is to try to help with the confusion. I don’t know why it has to be so hard…

          One issue is non-military people trying to speak military, that’s where some of the inconsistencies creep in.

  6. Does being 60% connected (disabled), medically discharged, considerd for a military discharge? A VA ID card is available.

    • Hi Kerri,

      Non-retired veterans need to be 100% disabled to qualify for Shades of Green and additionally need to be permanently disabled veterans (DAVPRM) for Disney’s Armed Forces Salute. VA ID cards are not accepted, the only valid identification for eligibility are DoD issued military IDs.

  7. Ok, my husband is an honorably discharged veteran. He is now 100% disabled because he cannot work because of his service connected disability & he has a commissary/mwr/exchange card that says davprm. We live in northeastern Pa and would like to purchase Sea World tickets before we leave for Florida. Do you know of a place where we can go? Thanks in advance for all your help, Sharon

  8. Hi, Steve — first thanks so much for this great info. My husband is 100% disabled vet and thanks to the info posted here we both got military id’s and were able to get military salute tickets at our local MWR office. However, my husband is now in a program at a VA hospital in Ohio, and won’t be able to go. I’ve read and re-read the FAQ’s but there doesn’t seem to be much about the spouse of a disabled veteran activating the tickets at the park. As far as you know, does that work the same way as it would if he were an active service member? Can I as his spouse activate the tickets in his absence? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Tammy,

      Oh Great! You just made my day!!!

      I’m so glad you were able to find the site and get your IDs.

      You know that is a grey area in Disney’s rules. I will reach out to my ticket expert to ask. In the mean time, what is the form number of your ID? A DD Form 1173 or 2765 and what does it have in the relationship box?

  9. Hi,
    My husband separated from the military with honorable discharge after 15 years of service, does this qualify us for any discounts?

    Thank you,

  10. I’m confused. My husband is 30% disabled, permanently (separated, not retired). We would like to get an ID with DAVPRM status. Reading this page, that ID would grant us the armed Forces Salute, as well as the Sept./Jan privileges we already have at Shades of Green. But, on the link above it states:

    ” In order to qualify for Disney’s Armed Forces Salute and Shades of Green, the military owned and operated resort on Walt Disney World property you need to be a 100% service connected disabled veteran AND have the required ID.
    In order to obtain a new military ID you may request a form, DD-1172, which is a letter signed by the Director of your nearest Veterans Affairs Regional Office, that shows you are 100% total and permanently service connected disabled.”

    So do you need to be 100% disabled to get a card with DAVPRM on it? Thanks for clearing this up for me!

  11. Hey Steve,

    This may help you clear up how to get a DVAPRM ID. First of all you must be 100%.
    You have to go to a DEERS/rapid ID facility. They are listed on line for each state.
    You do not need any forms or paperwork but you will need two forms of ID . If you are 100% your records are in their computer and all they need is your social security number to access your records. They will take your picture,print your ID card and you will be on your way. It took me 10 minuets. Good luck to all.

    • Hi Lawrence,
      That was great that you got your ID so quickly and easily, but not the case for each Deers/rapid ID facility. My daughter and I had to wait 4 hours and our paper work was NOT in the system, that’s why it took so long for us. We actually had to go back the next day to finish as they were closing by the end of those 4 hours. Oh, and we live 2 hours one way from this nearest facility. Just wanted to let others know that they may not get the great experience that you did and to definitely bring their paperwork. We did and it still made no difference, wish this one was like yours. Btw, thanks for all this info Steve!!

  12. I am a 72 year old unmarried widow of a 100% disabled vet and I do have a USN/DAVDEC military card. I would love to come to Disneyworld with my sister and stay overnight 3-5 days, visit the park (and waterpark), and buy a meal plan (if available). Do you offer any discount tickets I could consider buying? The website is not clear referring to a DV widow.
    Sandy Tshudy ph. 717-821-8205

    • Hello Sandy,

      As long as you have your military dependent ID card you are eligible for all the discounts offered by Disney and Shades of Green.

      I don’t offer any discounts as I’m just a retired military member who tries to get the word out about the discounts to my brethren.

      If you need help navigating the discounts I recommend you call my friend Amy at the Ears of Experience Travel Agency, she’ll fix you up at no extra cost. Tell he Steve said to call 1-877-80MOUSE

  13. Hello, I am still confused how this works. I talked to someone at Disney and they were trying to help but still did not make sense. My fiancé is 100% disabled (not permanently). When I called they said he will be able to get the discount with his valid military id card. He has a Department of Veteran Affairs service connected id card. Does that not work? I know Disney has to be strict on this because sadly enough people abuse this wonderful offer they give but I just do not want to book everything and then get there and they tell us it is not the right form of id.

    • Hi Ashley,

      Unfortunately there is a difference between 100% disabled and 100% permanently disabled.

      A VA card will not work. Only those with a military ID are eligible. In the case of 100% permanently service connected disabled they would have a military ID with DAVPRM in the rank box.

      There is the this one discount available for non-retired (all) veterans which is from Shades of Green. Here is my post with details including what documentation is required: http://www.militarydisneytips.com/Shades-of-Green/Non-Retired-Veterans.html

      Hope this helps,


  14. Thanks so much! My husband is a veteran…and while I fully understand he doesn’t qualify for most of the discounts he would qualify for park admission discounts correct? Can these be bought at anytime if we go to the shades of green office? Could we also go to a local base? Would it need to be an army base since he’s an army vet?

    • Hi Callie,

      If he is not retired or 100% DAVPRM, the you can only buy tickets from Shades of Green during the months of September and January during their special Veteran promotion. You can use these tickets at any time.

    • Hello LV,

      Sorry, but children of any service member, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Shield, the Global War on Terror, retired, current members, or any disease, injury, or whatever are not eligible because they haven’t done anything to earn a discount.

      You are welcome to enlist though and you’ll then be eligible.

  15. Pingback: WDW Hints – Helpful Website: Military Disney Tips

  16. My ID says DAVTMP I AM 100% service connected. Does this mean we are not eligible for the salute ticket prices. We leave Dec 1 to come down there. If I am not eligible for the salute prices are there other discounts for ticket prices.

  17. I am 100% permanent disabled vet and my department of defense/ uniform service says under status/ grade davprm/e4 no where on it does it say 100 % will this card be good for the shades of green discount

  18. Hi,

    My spouse has TDRL on his military ID. Would he/we qualify for the discount?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Clara,

      I believe that stands for Temporary Disability Retired List. Disney’s rules do say that 100% permanently disabled are qualified.

      • Thank you for your reply. How would I know for sure that when we present the ID to purchase tickets, that it would be valid for the discount?

        Again, thank you so much!

        • Clara,

          I do not believe you husband is qualified as he is classed as Temporary Disabled, not Permanent.

          Unless he is actually retired military (after 20 years) and drawing retired pay.

  19. I’m grateful for your discount as a 25 year retired AF vet. I’d like to allow my 15 year old daughter to take advantage of the Armed Forces Salute discount when she attends WDW at Thanksgiving with some family friends who already have tickets. Neither I nor my wife will be in attendance. Is it possible to buy the 2 or 4 day pass for her to use? Thanks!

  20. Hi I know this is an older post but I’d like to clear up a bit of misinformation on this post. The section that states:
    “Permanently Disabled

    If you have an military ID with the DAVPRM code (Disabled Veteran Permanent) on it, then you are only eligible for Disney’s Armed Forces Salute. Unless you are 100% disabled (see below). Link to the Armed Forces Salute Info”

    Military ID cards are NOT issued to disabled veterans with less than an evaluation at 100%. ID cards issued by the Department of Veteran Affairs for medical benefits are not same as Department of Defense DEERS ID Cards.

    In order to be issued a military ID card the Veteran MUST be 100% (indicating 100% disabled or 100% unemployable). Your letter will indicate if you are considered Temporary (DAVTMP) or Permanent (DAVPRM) please see Documents required by military for you 100% Disabled American Veteran card below:
    100% Disabled American Veteran
     Statement of Service, indicating honorable character of
    OR DD Form 214
    OR Dates of Inclusive Service
     *(Plus) Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Rating Determination
    Letter, indicating 100% disabled or 100% unemployable AND
    whether permanent or temporary; if temporary, letter must
    also state future reexamination date

    The letter issued from the Deparment of Veteran’s affairs are the keys to the kingdom, forgive the pun. If you have any questions if you might qualify a quick call to the Deparment of Veterans Affairs at 1-800-827-1000, will answer your query, You simply need to ask if you qualify for a military id for commisarry and exchange privlidges, if you do, ask that they resend the letter, take it to the nearest military installation that issues ID, with the instructed documents and you will be all set. If you ID card states you are DAVPRM you qualify to stay at Shades of Green and to purchase the Stars and Stripes tickets.

    Hope this is helpful.

  21. I think this is disgrace to Less than 100% Disabled Veterans. Only 2 months to choose from,we did not pick months that we were active duty,it was for 24/7 365days a year. Discounts should be should be the same. So Disney is Discrimination against Disabled Veterans.

  22. How do we contact the DOD about changing their policy on this? It’s stupid. Anyone who has served in our military honorably should got the discount! PERIOD. I myself am not a vet but do have several family members who have and are currently serving. It would be nice for the DoD to allow Disney to extend their discount.

    • Hi Chrufon,

      I’m sorry I do not know any specific contacts. I would begin by contacting your elected officials (Senators, Congressmen).

  23. I called Shades of Green in July of 2016. I asked if my husband who is 80% disabled was allowed access to the resort. They informed me that no he was not. When did this change?.

  24. I am curious if you can clarify this for me. I am a spouse of a medically discharged soldier.

    My son and I both have active military id’s (the tan cards) that are valid until January 2019. The sponser service status is USA/TDRL.
    My spouse is 100% disabled, which is why my son and I still have full benefits and ids.

    But based on your answer to another poster, we do not qualify for the salute discount? When I inquired at our local base, they said as long as I have a current military id, as a Spouse I can buy the salute tickets. But am I going to get to the disneyland gate and not be able to get in?

    • Hi Heather,

      I’m sorry that I can’t provide a definite answer. Some cast members might just just give the ID a cursory look and complete the transaction. Others might wonder what that sponsor status means.

      To clarify for me, is your husband’s status DAVPRM? That should be on his ID. If so he eligible and I’d bring a photo copy of his ID.

      Also attempt to communicate with Disney in writing (email) and bring a print out of any positive answer you receive as far as eligibility.

  25. The comment regarding the DOD setting the military discount policy for Disney is patently false. That would only be true for a DOD owned facility like Shades of Green. Disney is a publicly held company and thus sets their own military/veteran discount policy.

    Perhaps they tell people it’s the DOD’s fault to avoid taking the blame or heat for their terrible policy. But please don’t tell people that this is the DOD’s fault, when it is not.

    It’s a shame that many of us have fought for this country, literally, and become disabled, but not 100%, and can’t get a decent discount to Disney. Unlike others who have never left their desk here in the states, but retired out.

  26. I am planning a trip to Disney with my parents. My dad has a card labeled “United States Uniformed Services” at the top and “Identification and Privilege Card” at the bottom. His status is DAVTMP which I understand does not qualify him for the Armed Forces Salute tickets. (Sadly). Does this qualify him for Shades of Green tickets? If so, am I understanding correctly that these must be purchased in September or January, but can be used at any time? And they have to be “activated” on site at Disney? (We will not be staying on property or at Shades of Green.) What is the difference between the Shades of Green tickets and the normally discounted tickets he can purchase at the base? (Not necessarily the price difference, but why would you purchase through Shades of Green instead of just through the base, etc.) Thanks you so much for your help.

    • Hi Amy,

      Because your dad’s disability is classified as temporary (the TMP part) he is not eligible for any discounts directly from Disney.

      He is eligible for this one discount available for non-retired veterans which is from Shades of Green. It is only for the months of January and September. Here is my post with details including what documentation is required: http://www.militarydisneytips.com/Shades-of-Green/Non-Retired-Veterans.html

      Tickets would be available only during his stay in January or September (which you said you aren’t doing). He could buy all the ticket that he wants at that time (except the Salute tickets as you correctly mentioned). The tickets available to him do not require activation.

      The Disney tickets at Shades are identical to those available on base and save about 4-8% based on length and options.

  27. I am 100% service connected but not permanet. Can i stay at the shades of green resort? What type of identification will i need in order to stay at the shades of green? Do i apply for disney discounts for being 100% service connected.

  28. Good Morning,

    We are staying at SOG in less than a month. My husband is a VET with a DD2765. He has “recreational benefits” through this December. He purchased our Armed Forces Saulte Tickets through APG. Even though he is not 100% disabled. I’m starting to freak out that they should not have let us purchase these tickets and that his ID is not going to be accepted. We’ve purchased 5 tickets so besides possibly losing $1000. We have already linked fastpasses to these tickets. Our first day is scheduled to be a waterpark so that will hopefully give us some time to sort anything out. I was hoping to get your thoughts. Since he has “recreational benefits”, we thought we were doing everything right.

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Colleen,

      Forgive me, I do not know what APG is and am not familiar with Recreational Benefits (sounds like the bowling ally and base theatre), but I do know the Disney Armed Forces Salute eligibility rules. The only non-retired veterans who qualify for the Disney Armed Forces Salute have 100% DAVPRM in the rank field of their ID.

      My best recommendation would be that upon arrival you go to the Shades of Green ticket office and discuss your situation. Shades might activate your tickets or exchange them for active ones.

      If they can’t help go to a Disney ticket window and see if they will activate the tickets for you (you can do this at a water park or the theme parks). Depending on the person there and how close they look at the ID, they may do it. If not, third best would be using the value of the Salute tickets towards full price tickets, they could hopefully be able to transfer the FastPasses during this process (Bring your original purchase receipt).

      Or you could go back to the Shades of Green ticket counter and ask to use the value of the Salute tickets towards Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way Tickets (which you can use). You will save about 4-8% off of the full price tickets, but lose your FastPasses. You could ask about this on your first stop at Shades, but I list it last due to losing your FastPasses.

  29. I’m a Vietnam veteran who has 2 tours .My1st. Tour I was awarded the Purple Heart .. Am I eligible for a Veterans discount . I’m 60 percent eligible thru the VA. I would like to stay in one of your resorts.Not at the Shades of Green ..With my family of 6 (2) grandsons ….

  30. Thanks so much Steve for all of your great information! My father-in-law is DVPRM status, but never had a military ID saying so. Thanks to your info, he now has the necessary ID and we are good to go!

    • Hi Kristy, they do not. A valid military ID is required for Disney Discounts and Shades of Green. A DD-214 is required for the Shades of Green Veteran Program.