Universal Orlando 2019 Military Discounted 4-Day Park to Park Ticket Offer

Universal Orlando Resort has announced the 2019 continuation of their special ticket offer for current and retired military members.

The offer consists of a 4-Day Park-to-park ticket good at either 2 or 3 Universal Orlando parks.

Offer Dates: Tickets are available for use on ANY 4 days between date of purchase and December 31, 2019.

Update 15 June 2019: The purchase deadline seems to have been dropped. Patrick ITT reports no deadline to purchase.

Update 4 May 2019: Prices have increased ($16.50 on the 2-Park and $1.75 on the 3-Park) and last day to purchase has been extended to: 31 August 2019!

Ticket Types: 

4-Day Park-to-Park Ticket good at 2 parks – Adult & Child 

The 2-Park 4-Day Park-to-Park Military Promotional Ticket entitles one (1) guest admission to the following Universal Orlando Resort theme parks each day: Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

4-Day Park-to-Park Ticket good at all 3 parks- Adult & Child

The 3-Park 4-Day Park-to-Park Military Promotional Ticket entitles one (1) guest admission to the following Universal Orlando Resort theme parks each day: Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, AND Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park.

Volcano Bay Blockout Dates: June 14- August 18 2019

Ticket Prices (with increase):

  • 4 Day 2 Park ticket – $200.50 Adult / $195.50Child (3-9 yrs.) 
  • 4 Day 3 Park ticket – $240.75 Adult / $235.75 Child (3-9 yrs.) 

These tickets are only available at Base Ticket Offices (Including Shades of Green).  

Note! These are a specially priced offer and are much cheaper per day than the regular Military Universal tickets. Compare prices! These may be cheaper than shorter options.

Shades of Green Regular Universal Military Prices (Base Ticket Offices very similar if not the same)


Both of these tickets are priced extremely low therefore they are a fantastic opportunity for Military personnel to visit both Universal Orlando’s original theme parks (Universal Studios Florida & Universal’s Islands of Adventure) as well as take advantage of experiencing the 3-Park ticket that also gives them access to our all-new Volcano Bay Water Theme Park!

Ticket Details

Guest must present a valid Military ID at time of voucher purchase, when exchanging the voucher at the Universal sales window, and upon each redemption at the turnstiles.

Reader reports indicate that you may also activate tickets in the lobbies of the Universal hotels.

Unused days will be forfeited.

Eligibility: Active or Retired U.S. Military, the National Guard or Reservists and the U.S. Coast Guard who possess a valid military photo ID. Spouses of Eligible Service Members also qualify if they are able to present valid and active U.S. Military ID. Department of Defense employees with valid U.S. Military ID’s also qualify

  • Limit 6 tickets during program period
  • The offer is valid for multiple purchases throughout the duration of the promotion period
  • Tickets must be used by the same person on any and all days (Non-Transferable)
  • Tickets will arrive UNACTIVATED
  • Tickets will be ACTIVATED at any Universal Pass Sales window with a valid ID presented by the military member or military spouse; military member or spouse MUST accompany the party to the Pass Sales window for first activation of the tickets, and use one of the tickets; Dependent children CANNOT activate tickets on their own
  • Tickets must be completely use by 31 December 2019
  • This offer is not valid at Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Orlando Resort celebrated Veterans Day with a special in-park parade featuring its Veteran Network

Universal Orlando Room and Ticket Packages

Universal also offers packages for military families, see our Universal Military Package Page

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Use a Military Expert for your Universal Studios Vacation at No Extra Cost!

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Thanks to Universal Orlando!

Military Disney Tips thanks Universal Orlando for again extending it through  December 2019!

Note this offer was originally offered for sale through 31 March 2019. It was thought that after the initial 31 March purchase deadline that these tickets would then have a price increase for continued sales. However they extended the purchase timeframe for one month at the same price. Then on 1 May they increased the price and added blockout dates for Volcano Bay. In June the purchase deadline was removed. 

This special military offer is available with valid identification on participating bases at your ITT or Leisure Travel Service Offices.

The 3-Park 4-Day Park-to-Park Military Promotional Ticket entitles one (1) guest admission to Universal Studios Florida™, Universal’s Islands of Adventure™ and Universal’s Volcano Bay™ theme parks on the same day. Ticket is valid for any four (4) calendar days between date of purchase in 2019 and December 31, 2019. Volcano Bay Blockout Dates: June 14- August 18 2019.  This ticket also includes four (4) days of admission to select live entertainment venues of Universal CityWalk™ which commences and includes the first day any portion of the ticket is used. Guest must present a valid Military ID at time of purchase and at the time of exchange at any Universal Orlando™ Resort theme park ticket sales window and upon redemption at each of the Universal Orlando™ Resort theme parks. To receive full benefit of the ticket entitlements, first use of this ticket must be on or before December 28, 2019. All ticket usage must be completed on or before December 31, 2019 when the ticket will expire in full. Unused days will be forfeited. This ticket will be sold only within the U.S. 

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  1. We’re going in January. Per the above rules we’d be fine to use two days, take a break for a day, then go back a day later and use our tickets again right? They don’t have to be used consecutive days correct? Thanks!

  2. Are these available to use with others? If I bring my sister because my spouse can not go with me.?

  3. So if I buy tickets it would have to be for me and my 3 cousins? And is it just one ticket for everyone or just I have to buy all 4 tickets and it will be like $736 and that doesn’t include the resort

  4. It states only at base ticket sales. So, if I book a package directly with universal, I should purchase the tickets separately from base?

  5. Thanks Steve, I’ve used your page for years now on all our Florida and California Disney vacations.

    My question for Universal is if you know if there is a military discount on purchasing the Express Pass? Either through ITT or day-of at the park.

    Thank you!

    • Hi there Tracy,

      Thanks so much!!!

      I am not aware of any discount on it. Other than any overall savings obtained through a package.

  6. Just out of curiosity, I’m planning a trip with my friend who is a civilian, if I purchase the tickets would she still be able to use them with the discount as long as we have my ID?

  7. I was looking at the ticket list for the MWR mid-Atlantic and it does have these tickets listed, but it says they can be used any 4 days between date purchased and 31 Mar 19. Will other dates open up later? I would like to use the tickets in November.

  8. I apologize this is off the subject, but are express passes discounted, and does anyone know about any military discounts for the on-site hotels?

    • Hey there Patrick,

      Sorry no discounts on the express pass.

      Universal offers Room and ticket packages for the military. Here is their site, or you could contact my recommended travel agent for assistance at no extra cost by clicking the image or text link in this post.

  9. I like the convenience of the 4 day military park hopper, when purchased at Shade of Green, coming preactivated. Is it different for the universal offer?

    • Hi Anita,

      Yes it is different. Universal does it like the Disney Salute tickets used to be at Shades. You will still have to get in line at a ticket window to activate the voucher. All Shades gives you is an 8.5″ x 11″ paper with the ticket transaction info on it.

  10. Steve,

    Is there discount for veterans with honorable discharge. My state recognizes my status and is clearly marked on license.

  11. Just trying to clarify, does the one with the military id need to go into park with their children or can they just go to activate them (the 4 day promotional for Universal Orlando)? I’ve gotten conflicting information where one says they just need to be present to activate and one says they need to go into park the first day. Can anyone who has recently been there tell me?

    • HI Alicia,

      It’s been over a year for me, but I do not recall a second ID check. Either way, you wouldn’t have to go in, just show your ID and say you are going to the other park.

  12. If I purchase the 3 park, 4 day military ticket can I visit between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure within the same day?Or are the tickets a one park per day type of ticket? Thank you

    • Hi Cristy,

      They are Park-to-Park Tickets, which in Universal speak is a Hopper in Disney speak. Yes you can visit all 3 parks the same day with the 3 Park Ticket or both the theme arks with the 2 Park Ticket.

  13. Does the military ID person need to show their ID each time you visit the park? Just wondering if military member can bring his parents but not enter the park every day together?

    • Hi Kelly, these tickets once activated seem to work like any other ticket, so I don’t believe you would need to stay with them.

  14. I’m an active duty soldier but I’m out of the states.Is it okay to ask my friend to buy it for me so I can use it?

  15. Curious about 100% Service Connection Disabled Individuals? Would you just show your yearly confirmation/award letter and military disabled ID? Where would you go to purchase in this special situation?

    • Morrighan only Base Ticket Offices sell these, which includes Shades of Green. A military ID with DAVPRM on it is required for 100%ers.

  16. I’m a spouse Can I purchase these tickets at any military base? And does my husband have to be present at the time of purchase.

  17. Can the military member activate the tickets for everyone without the others being present? Or does everyone need to be present at activation?

    • Hi Kelly,

      They do not come right out and state that as Disney does, but I’d think so.

      The only thing they say about activation is:”The military sponsor or current spouse must be present to activate the ticket.”


  19. I bought the tickets at ITT and am staying at Royal Pacific to benefit from Express passes. I scanned the tickets into my app—does anyone know if I still have to get them activated when I am there or will scanning them in activate them?

    • Hi Wendi,

      I’ll preface with I’m not familiar with Universal’s Express Pass. But An Id check is required for activation just like Disney. So I assume it is the same and linking does not activate for use.

  20. I have my tickets through itt,can .we go in at early park admission like the universal resort guests or do we have to wait for regular admission

  21. Are 100% permanently disabled veterans included in this deal? We all have valid military ID cards. Thanks!

    • Hi Carie,

      100% DAVPRM (I assume DAVPRM is on the member’s ID since you have them) are eligible for discounts that retirees are.

  22. This is very helpful! I’m helping someone plan their trip and this info is definitely assisting with that. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I’m sorry, just a quick clarification question, do DoD Contractors (Green CAC / ID Holders) qualify for this particular promotion? I wasn’t sure if for the purposes of this promotion contractors were considered acceptable under the ‘Department of Defense employees’ criteria. I know sometimes we get the privilege of being lumped in with the Civilians, but sometimes we do not. I know most MWR Ticket Programs allow us to participate so I was just wondering if we’d be allowed to participate in this program as well. Thank you for any information you may have, have a good one!

    • Hi Rich,

      I just checked SHades of Green’s page and theirs says DoD Civilians. I’d check with your Base Travel Office and see what they say.

  24. Does this apply to the U.S. Public Health Service, active duty members as well? Also, can I buy these discounted tickets for my son’s friend who’s coming with us? Thanks!!

    • Hi Melaine,

      Not that I am aware of. I know there was a lot of work done by your Commissioned Officers Association with Disney to be allowed to use the Disney discount. With lots of pressure exerted due to the PHS being the agency inspecting Disney’s cruise ships.

      I’d contact the association to see if they are working on Universal. https://www.facebook.com/coausphs/

  25. Hello! I would like to purchase the tickets and send my daughter and friends to Disney without me. Can my dependent daughter activate the tickets at Disney for her and her friends? It looks like at Disney she can but not at universal?

    • Hi Joni,

      Non-spouse dependents are not eligible for these special Universal tickets or the Disney Armed Forces Salute. If she is going without you you’ll need to buy here the regular, slightly discounted tickets for WDW and Universal.

  26. Hello! Thanks for putting this information together! I applaud the organizations that honor our country’s military with discounted ticket prices. I am not active duty, or retired, but I am a combat related disabled veteran (Viet Nam), and it doesn’t seem that there are many offerings I can use. I did find that SeaWorld Orlando offers a nice ticket discount (half price for up to 4 tickets, available once per year), but haven’t seen any other deals at major parks.Am I correct to assume that? I do have a valid photo ID from the VA. Thanks again for everything you do!

    • Hi there Bruce,

      Thanks for your service and for checking out the site!

      There are no discounts available directly from Disney for your situation.

      There is the this one discount available for non-retired veterans which is from Shades of Green. It is only for the months of January and September. Here is my post with details including what documentation is required: http://www.militarydisneytips.com/Shades-of-Green/Non-Retired-Veterans.html

      The slightly discounted Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way Tickets go along with this offer when staying there.

      Hope this helps,


  27. Hi Steve, I just wanted to check and see if all this sounds right to you. We’ve been to Disney (WDW) twice using military salute tix and room discount, but it will be our first time at Universal. I was planning to be at our Disney hotel the whole time and go over to Universal for one day, but then I found out the express pass can be had for free at select hotels. With my size of family it saves a lot of $ to stay at a Universal hotel for 2 nights, have the pass, and then switch to Disney–otherwise the passes alone will be $800. My plan is to 1) purchase the $184 tickets for 4 days even though we’ll only use 2 days, b/c that price beats the $190 / day I’m seeing on the Universal website for one day (Thanksgiving week), and 2) get a room only reservation at the Portofino Bay hotel, where they are offering me the military discount off the room. Am I missing anything? The goal is to see all of Harry Potter and generally check out the two main theme parks; we won’t try the water park b/c weather is iffy in November. Thank you for any advice!

    • Hi Jane,

      First, were you planning to buy them tomorrow (April 30th)? I do not yet know if the purchase timeframe for the special tickets has been extended past that date.

      Here is the prices for the regular military discount Universal tickets at Shades of Green (base ticket offices are very close or the same): https://www.militarydisneytips.com/Tickets/Universal-Tickets.html

      Thanksgiving week would be the Anytime rate $133 1-day, $184 2-day.

      So, yes on the hotel room only and the 1-day, unless you need 2, then get the special 4-day if you can make the purchase cutoff (it’s good all year).

      • Thank you! Yes, I am planning to go to the base and buy the tix tomorrow. That’s why I had to figure all this out today. We were really not ready by March 19, but yesterday I saw that the new cutoff was Apr 30 and figured that we just needed to get it all nailed down.

  28. Hey there! So I bought two of the 2 park, 2 day park to park plus 2 additional days (4 total days) universal tickets this year for my husband and I. But we lost both of our tickets after only using one day each. Is there any way we can get these replaced? I really don’t want to just accept that I really lost out on this deal. I’ve already had plans to go back for another vacation. If anyone can help It would be of great appreciation. Thank you.

    • Oh wow Talaya,

      Did you happen to take a pic of the back of the tickets? That’s what you usually need (or the ticket numbers).

      Do you have the original receipt from when you bought them? You might be able to use that as proof and they might be able to look you up by name…

      Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

      • No I didn’t take a picture unfortunately. If I would have known this before hand I certainly would have. But I bought my ticket through shades of green. I’ll try asking them if they still have the original receipt and try it that way. Thanks Steve.

  29. Quick question. We are planning on a Universal trip this summer and was wondering how the 2 park 4 day ticket works. Will we be able to go to universal and island of adventure one day and volcano bay a different day or is it just the 2 theme parks and we can’t we use it for the waterpark at all. I want to make sure I get the right info before buying the tickets.

  30. Does anyone know how I can unsubscribe to this thread? The links in the email notifications don’t work, and I can’t see any other way to do it. Thanks

    • Hi Bruce,

      Did you try a different browser as I suggested in the email? I guess that didn’t work. I’m still trying. I haven’t found where I can see those subscribed to individual posts, just the blog as a whole.

      • It’s in outlook that the link doesn’t work (from the email). I tried to copy/paste the link in different browsers and it appears that the link won’t copy. The “Subscription Options” link doesn’t work either.

          • HI Bruce,

            I just successfully subscribed and unsubscribed to test the behind the scenes function.

            Do you have another way to receive email than outlook. I’ve never cared for microsoft products.

  31. Super helpful site! Do you know if we can buy the 4-Day Park-to-park ticket onsite at Shades of Green and activate it at Universal?

    • Hi Chris, thanks.

      That is the only way to do it. Buy at Shades or another military ITT office and activate on arrival.

      • Hi Steve, ok thanks. Follow-up question: do you know if one eligible military member can purchase the tickets and another eligible member activate the tickets upon arrival? My husband is out of the country and we don’t have enough time to order tickets in advance from Shades of Green. My dad is retired military. Can my dad buy the tickets from an ITT local office and then my husband activate them at Universal?

        • Hey Chris,

          What you get from Shades is an 8.5 x 11 paper voucher that they print out. I don’t recall if they put your name on it.

          But spouses are eligible, so you could buy and activate them.

  32. The 3-Park 4-Day Park-to-Park Military Promotional Ticket , I seen something about (Blackout Dates for Universal Volcano Bay 14 June – 18 August 2019). I wanted clarification on this, the Fort Hood LTS has this mentioned on the pricing list, but Shades of Green shows no blackout dates. We are planning to go to Orlando June 25 through June 30th, Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Sharhonda,

      Those blackout dates are listed on Shades’ price list.

      shadesofgreen.org/application/files/3715/5691/2461/Universal_Orlando_Ticket_Price_List_4.pdf – Top left, first para after the prices in bold.

      • Oh ok, wow. Shades sent me a price list in March and those blackout dates were not listed, I guess those were added sometime after March. At least now I know so I can make adjustments, thank you.

  33. I purchased the tickets in April where there was no mention of black-out dates. As of May 1, they added blackout dates for Volcano Bay June 14-August 18 2019. If I purchased in April, am I still subject to these new blackout dates at Volcano Bay ?

    • Hi, I purchased a different ticket than you b/c I only got 2 park and not Volcano Bay, but wanted to say that on my tix (purchased at my local ITT office) there is fine print that specifies no blackout dates. These are printed out pieces of paper with our names on them and there is a long block of fine print. I wonder if your tix might have the same type of info on them re: your Volcano Bay access. It was close to the top of the fine print, maybe an inch down.

  34. Do they have any military discounts for annual passes? I will be there longer for the 4 days and think I will get more bang for my buck with a pass vs. just day tickets

  35. We are going to Universal on Dec 29 and will activate the 4 day pass that day. Will we be able to use it on Jan 1st? That will be the 4th day but it does say must be used by Dec 31 so I wasn’t sure, especially if it’s already activated. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Christie,

      The 2019 tickets need to be used by the 31st. Activated or not they won’t be valid on the 1st of January if they stick to what they have always done.

      This ticket still beats the price of the regular military 3-day base or park-to-park. Can you go a day earlier to use all 4 days?

    • Thanks so much for the reply! We actually arrive the afternoon of Dec 28th and are staying on property so perhaps we can activate it late in the day and maybe enjoy a few rides or attractions before they close. I’ll check the hours for that day and go from there. Anything you’d recommend that would be fun/easy to do that first night? We have 9 year old boys.

  36. I am a spouse of a veteran, would I present his ID as proof or does he have to be present to activiate?

    • Also I do not have the same last name as him because we are common law spouses, what would I have to show as proof?

      • If you’re legally married, you’d have a spouse ID as well and this is what you’d need to buy these tickets on base or from a ticket office long distance and activate them.

    • Hi Maria,

      Are you the spouse of a military retiree or a veteran?

      There is a big difference. And I ask because you used the term veteran.

      A military Retiree served for 20 years or more (less if medically retired) and earned military benefits in retirement (like a Military Retiree ID, pay, and base access with all the perks that come with that, like ticket sales).

      A veteran served for a time and then stopped. This would not have earned the benefits mentioned above.

      Is his ID you mentioned a military ID? VA cards and State driver’s licenses don’t count. See this page for examples: https://www.militarydisneytips.com/Disney-World-Military-Discount-ID-Guide.html

      Someone with a military ID needs to be present to activate these tickets.

  37. Hi, I’ve read these posts and reviewed photos of the acceptable IDs, however, I’m still confused. My husband is a regular, full time employee of the department of veterans affairs. His CAC says employee, not contractor. We are wanting to use discount at universal studies and we don’t live near a military base, we’re in Cleveland. Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

    • Hi Anita,

      I’m sorry, unfortunately VA civilian employees are not eligible, the only civilians that may use it are DoD civilians.

  38. Hi, was hoping to get a little clarification on something. If I buy two of the tickets as a DoD Civilian, can my girlfriend use one of the tickets if she is with me? Or do we have to be married? Thanks so much!

  39. My active duty brother just bought tickets for his family and our family from MWR for next week June 13th – 16th and after he purchased the lady told him the only day we can use the Volcano Bay ticket is Thursday (we don’t even fly in until late afternoon) as this deal is blocked for Volcano Bay feom June 14th – mid August. Super frustrating. We would have just purchased the 2 park passes had we known. I see it above but didn’t notice because in several other places it says no blackout dates. 🙁

  40. My son who is stationed at Malmstrom AFB and my wife and I are going to Universal Orlando during the Thanksgiving week. We are very much interested in getting the four day -two park deal for that time before the deal expires. Unfortunately he does not have the ITT at his base to purchase the tickets. How else could he order them? Thanks.

  41. Am I correct in reading that the ticket price has already increased from $184 to $200.50, and the last day to purchase at this increased price is August 31?

    Or is it still currently $184 as originally announced and will increase to $200.50 after August 31?

    Thank you in advance for clarification!

    • Hi Melissa,

      The 200.50 is the current price. I edited the post some to make it more clear. Thanks.

      I did some research before responding about the deadline.

      And the purchase deadline seems to have been lifted.

  42. hi i been trying purchase tickets for universal for the 3park 4 day park to park at military discount and i dont know where to go i tried calling shades of green but the woman told i can only purchase anything in september and january i dont think shes rite but thats why i am asking

  43. Historically when does Universal typically announce if this special military ticket is being renewed the following year? We are planning a trip in Spring 2020.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Last year it was 22 December. In prior years it wasn’t until after the start of the year, sometimes well after.