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Shades of Green Resort - Wallt Disney World FloridaOn a recent trip to Walt Disney World I stopped by Shades of Green, the military owned and operated resort on WDW property. I was able to have a chat with Deidra the Sales and Catering Manager for Shades.

She was kind enough to field some questions for me. As you might imagine I had quite a few so I’ll be breaking this interview into two parts.

My questions touched on many areas and I also asked a few that I often hear from you the reader.

So, on to the interview:

Shades of Green Discounts and the Armed Forces Salute

MDT: The big topic on everyone’s mind right now is whether Disney will continue the popular Armed Forces Salute. I know the steeply discounted Disney resort rates have presented challenges to Shades of Green. I’ve watched over the last couple of years as Shades has tried many different discounts/packages.

Should Disney renew the Armed Forces Salute, where do you see Shades of Green discounts going?

Shades of Green: In the future, Shades of Green will still continue to offer a quality stay to our guests comparable to those of the surrounding area. With standard rates going up in the surrounding areas, Shades of Green guests can expect to see less aggressive discounting. However, the discounts that are offered will be in the style of “early rewards”. For instance we are currently offering a 50% discount in January, but as we move closer to the winter we may see that become 20%. Over the next year, it will definitely pay to plan ahead! With the expansion of the Magic Kingdom there will continue to be major draws to the area, and hopefully we will see the continuation of the AFS ticket so that our military families can enjoy the new attractions at a discount.

A SoG rate increase this October?

MDT: Shades of Green did not increase their room rates in October 2011 as it has done every year in the past. Should we expect an increase to the non-discounted rates this coming fiscal year?

Shades of Green: Not in the coming Fiscal Year (October 1, 2012-September 30, 2013). The standard room rates will remain the same at $95-$131, and suites $250-$375.

Free Disney World Parking

MDT: A question that I’m often asked by my readers is, “Why do Shades of Green guests now have to pay for parking at the Disney theme parks?” Could you shed some light on why this great benefit went away a couple of years ago? Any chance that it will return?

Shades of Green: Several years ago, due to our convenient and familiar location, many Walt Disney World parking agents were honoring the passage of our guests into the lots without charging. However, it was never something that was contractually agreed upon between Shades of Green and Walt Disney World Resort. Since that time, training has improved and parking attendants are now familiar with Shades of Green’s role as a participant resort, rather than being Disney owned, and therefore subject to the daily fees. SOG does have complimentary bus transportation to all of the WDW theme parks, which are very reliable and run every 30-60 minutes, and includes a route to the Ticket and Transportation Center which provides monorail access to both Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Non-retired Veterans

MDT: I receive many emails from veterans of all different statuses trying to determine what discounts they are eligible for, if any. The group which is eligible for the least is those who have served and then separated without a disability or retirement.

Shades currently allows these individuals to stay in September and January. Is this a program which is going to continue? And if so is there any intent to expand it to more periods during the year?

Shades of Green: The Salute to Our Veterans program is going to continue in September and January indefinitely. There are no talks in place to extend beyond that time frame. This program is Armed Forces Recreation Center- wide, so it will also apply to Hale Koa Hotel on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul, South Korea, and Eidelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany. We are grateful for the service of all our veterans, and look forward to the opportunity to serve them!

The beautiful view to the rear of Shades of Green

The beautiful view to the rear of Shades of Green

Well, that’s it for this first part of the interview, I enjoyed the opportunity to get to ask what was on my (and your) mind.

Look for part two next week!

Thanks so much to Deidra and the staff at Shades of Green for making this interview a possibility!

Read more great info about what’s coming up at Shades of Green in Part Two of this interview

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A Special Note on Shades of Green Discounts: Something to be aware of is that Shades constantly changes the dates and discounts offered of their specials and packages.

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