Shades of Green’s Shifting Military Discounts

Shades of Green Resort - Wallt Disney World FloridaThe Shades of Green Resort is an Armed Forces Recreation Center located on Walt Disney World property near Orlando Florida.

Shades of Green opened it’s doors on 1 February 1994 in what was previously the Disney World owned Disney Inn Golf Resort.

Shades has always set their room rates based upon military pay grades, just like the other AFRCs. There are 3 different price categories.

For most of its history these prices were very attractive compared to Disney resort room rates.

Enter The Armed Forces Salute

In 2009 Disney began their almost constant offering of steeply discounted rooms to the military as part of their Armed Forces Salute. This new discount began to undercut the low rates at Shades of Green. Shades responded by beginning to offer their own discounts.

Shades offers long, mid, and short term discounts, which are announced periodically through the year. SOme are room only discounts, while other packages offer free Shades of Green dining (breakfast or breakfast and dinner).

Shades of Green Resort

The Beautiful Shades of Green Resort at Walt Disney World

Shifting Discounts

Over the last couple of years Shades has begun to alter their discounts from what they initially announce. They will make an initial announcement with the dates and discount details, but as rooms fill up they will start altering the offer in different ways.

  • They will reduce the discount percentage. For example, the initial 40% off will shrink to 30% or 20%
  • They will reduce the dates the discount is offered, a full month offer is suddenly only available for a week and a half or just on certain dates.
  • A percentage off offer for all categories will be changed to a dollar value off per night which makes the cost above the original percentage off for category 1 members
  • The very latest trend: They’ll even totally change the name of a discount. Example the February 2013 Carnevale Special was renamed the I Heart SOG February Special.

Get Your Deal Early

So the take-away from this post is that if you are planning to stay at Shades of Green, jump on a discount for your dates as soon as it is announced!

Look at this discount as an example. If you’d booked this one early you’d save quite a bit more per night!

You can find a list of the current Shades of Green discounts here.

For more info on Shades of Green check out the links below:

Information on Shades of Green the Military Hotel on Disney World property

See all the current Shades of Green Discounts and Packages

A Special Note on Shades of Green Discounts: Something to be aware of is that Shades constantly changes the dates and discounts offered of their specials and packages.

Shades of Green Links

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  1. Tim Kerwin says

    Your website is great. I am taking my family with grandkids to DW in may/jun. total of 11 family. So I have learned a lot by using your website. Thank you. I do have a few questions if I may; you mention the AAFES store is closed for remodeling and the temp facility has limited items. By any chance do you know if I will be able to buy diapers at the temporary AAFES? Also you didn’t mention when the new AAFEs will be ready; I did see the Magnolia pool is closed thru July. Thanks for all the info. Great help.

    • Steve says

      Hi Tim,

      I do believe that they have some kind of diapers.

      Unfortunately I do not know how long it will take them to do the remodel of the normal location.

      Hope you guys have fun! Steve

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