1. Katie says

    Ahhhhhh this i great news!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! But, can we only buy up to 6 tickets for 2021 and 2022? Not 6 in 2021 and 6 in 2022?

      • Katie says

        Thank you for replying (though that is not the answer I was hoping for lol)! Another question, do we know if the rule applies that days don’t have to be consecutive and can be used until expiration? For example, can I buy 4 days and go 2 in December 2021 and 2 in October 2022?

        • Steve says

          I know Katie, me too!

          Yes Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets may be used throughout the entire offer period.

          • Katie says

            Sorry, another question! Can I buy three 3 day tickets and three 4 day tickets or do they all have to be the same number of days?

          • Steve says

            Yes you can.

            Technically the member or spouse needs to have one of the longer ones.

  2. BreeY says

    Thank you so much for the update! We were hoping to visit in early 2022. Do you think they will still offer discounted rooms in September, or would they have done that at the same time as the tickets if they were going to? We are bringing our family of five plus a grandparent so we’ll need to book two rooms and are looking to save anywhere we can. 🙂

    • Steve says

      Hi Bree,

      I imaging they will come out subsequently with a 2022 room offer. I hope on the normal schedule!

      By doing this year and a half ticket offer with only 6 tickets they are in totally new territory.

  3. Kathryn Z. says

    The ticket offer only refers to the Disneyland Resorts in California. Will the Salute tickets be valid for Disney World in Florida as well?

  4. Rob says

    Hi Steve, thank you for posting about the new Military Salute deal. Your posts have helped my family and I tremendously over the past several years, as well as cost us lots of money with all of our Disney vacations (to both World and Land)! I look forward to your continued posts, thank you again.

    • Steve says

      Hey there Rob,

      Thanks so much!!!

      THat’s just why I do this. Besides having to go all the time 😉

  5. Steve Iwata says

    First thank you Steve for ALL the info as usual. I always the military tickets and WDW resorts. Been to WDW 6 times in the past 10 years and stay 10 days. I live in California. A question though, I am going to DL this coming Nov and next october WDW( last trip to WDW Otober 2019). In the past it was 6 tickets for each park , 6 DL and 6 WDW, Since different years it will then be 6 each year. Thank you again, I am Steve also

    • Steve says

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks so much!

      The WDW and Disneyland Resort (DLR) Salute Offers are totally separate. Tickets used at one location do not affect the other locations allotment.

      Also, ticket allotments are by offer, not year. So right now the DLR runs Jul 2021 to Dec 2022 and has a 6 ticket limit. The WDW is running now through Dec 2021 with a 6 ticket limit (with some oddities). If a 2022 WDW offer is made it would run Jan to Dec 2022 I expect.

      So Nov 2021 at DLR you would use up to 6 2021-2022 tickets and in Oct 2022 at WDW up to the limit offered there for 2022.

  6. Dee Lovell says

    Hi Steve

    Will we be able to upgrade the tickets we purchased in 2019 to the cost of the 2022 tickets if we are not able to use them in 2021?

    Your newsletter constantly has a wealth of information for us. Thank
    you to you, your staff and to Ears of Experience.

    • Steve says

      Hi Dee, they have not stated this yet, but I would suspect so.

      I will endeavor to confirm!

      • Dee says

        Hi again Steve
        Just wanted to see if you were able to confirm any information about upgrading the extended 2020 ticket (purchased in 2019) to the 2022 ticket.
        Thank you

        • Steve says

          Hi Dee, sorry I have not been able to. Still trying. Disney can be hard to get info out of…

          • Anthony says

            Hi Steve,

            Love the info on your site!

            I am in a similar situation where i cant use my 2020 purchased tickets (not yet activated) due to the pandemic and now family changes.

            I’m hopeful I don’t lose the value of the ticket because they expire!


          • Steve says

            Thanks so much Anthony!

            I taged in on your other question about letting another eligible person use them. Great idea.

  7. Noelle Bersch says

    I do not see any of the Salute tickets listed at any nearby Base ITT offices as of today 6/29/21. Do you know how or where we purchase these tickets?

    • Steve says

      Hi Noelle,

      Well, Disney says (as noted in the post) that tickets aren’t available until 6 July. Very often it takes local bases (each on an individual different schedule) from days to weeks, and in some extreme occurrences in the past, months to get the new tickets.

  8. Vera Oro says

    Are these tickets available to purchase at the ticket booth? I have bought the military salute tickets at the booth at disneyland in previous years.

    • Steve says

      Hi Vera,

      That remains to be seen.

      Disneyland’s online info expressly says purchase at Base Ticket Offices. (which goes against previous years)

  9. Stefanie says

    Thank you, Steve! I don’t see that the military ticket holder have to activate prior to the other tickets being activated? But, this can be done at DTD and not count as a day? I’m seeing conflicting info. If 6 tickets are purchased, can they be activated at separate times? Does the military ticket holder have to be there each time?

  10. Nina says

    Can you explain ticketing for guest 3 and under? Also, is there different pricing for guest 4-10 years old? I noticed on Disney website, that regular tickets denote ages 10+ in price. And thank you sooo much for this information!

  11. Anna Laidlaw says

    Do the tickets for disneyland have to be reserved on certain dates when you purchase them with the base or can you use them at any time? Not sure what dates we would like to go in October.

  12. Aldo Fierro says

    Hi Steve,

    Will a DD214 be suffice to prove veteran status for purchase of tickets? I also have my Veterans Identification Card.

    Thank you!

  13. Ro says

    When will the tickets be available at ITT centers on base? I checked today on Davis-Monthan AFB and was told that they do not have access to the Salute tickets and do not know when they will be available for sale.

  14. Crystallyn Mouton says

    Say I purchase a 4 day Salute pass, would I be able to split the days like 2 days in September and 2 days in November? Or do they have to be used within 14 days like the other multi-day passes?

  15. Renee Westphal says

    I purchased the 4 day DISNEYLAND tickets on base yesterday. There was a note in the envelope that said the remaining 3 days must be used within 13 days of the first day used. I know this was a thing with multi day tickets purchased through Disney when the parks first reopened. Does that apply to the military tickets as well? I cannot reach Disney to verify

    • Steve says

      Hi Renee,

      Nothing Disney has published indicates that is correct.

      One of two things could have happened, 1. the worker put the note in your envelope by mistake or through lack of knowledge (sadly there is a lot of that at the Ticket Offices), or 2. You bought/were sold the regular military tickets.

      What was the price for each 4-day ticket? About $260 would be a Salute Ticket, and about $333 or $386 would be the two varieties of regular military 4-days.

      • Renee Westphal says

        I paid $510 for two 4 day park hopper tickets. I am going to go with the fact that there is a lack of knowledge at the ticket offices. I will be on base today maybe I will go ask again.

  16. john debus says

    So you tell me that Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service (PHS), and the Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) , can buy these discount tickets but me a service connected combat veteran cant because i am not 100% disabled that is BS. Maybe writing to my congressman will help but i doubt it , i want to take my kids to disney and cant get the discounted tickets or other benifit but these organizations can. Dont get me wrong i am not downing anyone , thank you for what you do also , but can i get this opportunity for my family . I put in the time and risked my life and i should be able to have these benifits also. It is a dam shame.

    • Steve says

      Hi John,

      Eligibility is set by the contracts between the DoD and Disney. Definitely contact your elected representatives.

      Posting here on this informational site run by a military retiree is great, but go to the source!

  17. Matt says

    Where did you find this news regarding the combined 2021/2022 salute ticket? I asked my leisure travel office and they had no clue. Disney’s site also doesn’t mention anything like this?

  18. Catharine Varley says

    Can Air Force Civilians purchase and use Disney World and Universal tickets from Shades of Green?

    • Steve says

      Hi Catharine,

      Yes, all tickets that Shades of Green or other Base Ticket Offices sell except those that require a military ID for use. Those being the Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets and the Universal Orlando Freedom Pass.

      All other Disney and Universal tickets are available.

  19. Randall Kinder says

    I am a 100% Disabled Veteran with my ID card saying DAVPRM, can I purchase 4 of the tickets for me, my wife and I have a 9 year old boy and 13 year old boy. Also where to I go to get them? I live in Auburn Alabama and occasionally go to Maxwell AFB or can go to Ft Benning GA. or do I order them online or what? needing them for January 10th 2022 for 4 day hopper passes for my entire family of me, wife and my 2 sons as mentioned.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I am trying to take my boys to Disney World in Orlando FL.

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