Pre-Order Disney Theme Park Tickets at Shades of Green

Shades of Green at Walt Disney World has introduced a new time saving service.

The Problem

Guests staying at Shades of Green who planned on purchasing their Military Discounted Magic your Way theme park tickets or Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets once they arrived often encountered long lines at Shade’s Ticket Office. This could cause frustration on the part of the guests trying to get to Disney’s theme parks as quick as possible, especially those trying to make the Extra Magic Hour early park opening first thing in the morning.

The Solution

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Dining Options at Shades of Green – Disney World’s Military Resort

Shades of Green Resort - Wallt Disney World FloridaShades of Green the military owned and operated resort on Walt Disney World property offers many dining options.

Both those staying at Shades and those stopping by for a visit* (perhaps to buy Theme Park tickets or shop at the AAFES Store) are eligible to dine at any of the resort’s restaurants.

Dining Options at Shades of Green

Shades offers both quick service and full service options as well as a buffet. The quick service options are open throughout the day while the full service and buffet are closed for lunch.

Mangino's Bistro at Shades of Green

Mangino’s Bistro at Shades of Green

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Scooter Rentals at Shades of Green

USAA offers car insurance savings for military

Shades of Green Resort - Wallt Disney World FloridaWounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans who are staying at Shades of Green are able Rent Mobility Scooters (ECVs) for their on vacation at Walt Disney World.

You can make arrangements ahead of time and your scooter will be waiting for you when you check in at Shades of Green.

Shades of Green Scooter Rentals Disney World Florida

Scooters awaiting riders at Shades of Green

These scooters, ECVs, and wheel chairs are rented from a scooter rental company, not Shades of Green.

The scooter rental company is called Best Price Mobility and they serve all hotels in the Central Florida Attraction Area. So you can use this service at any WDW resort, but these discount prices are through Shades of Green, but be sure to ask for one anyway!

Their reasonable prices are:

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Shades of Green – Disney Moderate Resort Comparison

Welcome to the second installment of the Shades of Green – Disney Resort Comparison Series. The first installment was the Shades of Green – Disney Value Resort Comparison. The Shades-Deluxe version will be coming out soon.

I receive questions all the time on the differences between Shades of Green and the Disney World resorts, so here is a side-by-side comparison to help you.

Note: Military members who use Disney’s Armed Forces Salute room discounts receive from 30% to 40% off at Disney resorts.

Shades of Green is the military only, military owned and operated resort on Walt Disney World property.

I hope that you find this post helpful! Be sure to post comments and questions below.

The Resorts

The Disney Armed Forces Salute discount available at Disney’s Moderate Resorts is 35%

The Disney Moderate Resorts are:

  • Caribbean Beach
  • Coronado Springs
  • Port Orleans Riverside
  • Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Fort Wilderness Cabins

Disney Moderate Resorts include amenities such as: full-service restaurants, food courts, limited room service, luggage service, swimming pools with a slide and hot tub, on-site recreation, and bus or boat transportation.

For this comparison I’ll be using the Port Orleans Riverside Resort, but all of the Disney Moderates are very similar, varying only in the exterior and interior themes and food options in table service restaurants. Some do have special themed rooms, which cost extra, such as Princess or Pirate Rooms.

Shades of Green includes amenities such as: full-service restaurants, quick service dining options, limited room service, luggage service, swimming pools and hot tub, Army-Air Force Exchange Store, discounted ticket sales, and bus transportation.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Shades of Green Resort

Shades of Green Resort at Disney World

 You can click all images in this post for larger versions

Room – Price

Shades of Green - I fall within Shades’ Category – 2 for room rates. My room rate for a standard room was $123.00 plus $5.00 to park my car in Shades’ garage. There was no tax added to these charges.

Port Orleans Riverside - The date of my stay fell in the Fall price period (there are 15 other price periods this year), the stay was on a Thursday night (Disney has 2 rates for all rooms, Sun-Thurs & Fri-Sat which is the higher weekend rate). The regular weekday room rate for that night is $176.00 (Fri-Sat runs $191) with my Disney Armed Forces Salute discount of 35% the rate was reduced to $114.40.

Disney resorts do not charge for parking, but do add tax, which brought my charge to $128.70. If this had been a weekend stay it would have been about $139. Depending on the time of year for your stay the rates for this room can vary from $162.00 to $253.00 (before the military discount and added tax).

Note: During the cheaper Disney price seasons The Disney Moderate resorts like Riverside are the most comparable in price to Shades of Green, which has the same prices all year. But in the more expensive times of WDW’s pricing year the Value Resorts are more comparable.

Port Orleans Riverside Room

Port Orleans Riverside Room


Shades of Green Room

Room - Size

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How do I get to Shades of Green?

Transportation Options to and around Disney property for Shades of Green GuestsDisney World has its Magical Express transportation for guests staying at Disney owned resorts, but Shades of Green guests are on their own for transportation from Orlando International Airport to the military resort on Disney property.

Shades does have special rates negotiated with Sun State Transportation which offers town cars and vans, you can get a quote online or call 407-601-7900. I’ve not used them, but check them out and compare to other ways to get from the airport to Shades.

I usually drive to WDW. In fact I think my family and I have only flown in twice.

Each time we tried a different method. Once we rented a car at the airport and used it to drive to Disney and back. Plus we had the rental to drive to the parks or wherever we wanted to go. You might be able to find a good military rate, I’m a USAA member and they have discounts negotiated with all the major car rental companies.


There is an Alamo kiosk just off the Shades of Green lobby and of course all the companies are located at the airport.

The other time we used a limo/town car service. It was around $100 but that was a few years ago.

Besides Sunstate there here is also a company called Mears transport which runs regular busses from the airport to all Disney resorts.

Taxis at the airport are about $75 each way to Disney.

How can I get to Universal Studios or Sea World?

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